1st International Conference of LIFE Sciences and Technology for WELLBEING



30 MAY 2018 14:30 - 15:45 Amphitheatre, 2nd Floor

Chair Doru Pamfil, Academician USAMV Cluj-Napoca

H.E. Michael Zupancic: Green, Active and Healthy stands for Slovenia as one of the greenest countries not only in Europe, but on the planet, based on sustainable, green and innovative economies.

With a little over two million inhabitants Slovenia is one of the greenest and most biodiverse countries on the planet, forests cover nearly two thirds of the country and one third of the country is protected within the framework of Natura 2000 European network. Slovenia is successfully integrating all this wealth in sustainable tourism…offering the visitors healing thermal spas and springs, authentic travel experience and adrenalin pleasure in close touch with the nature ...

Segolene Leloutre: Cosmetopee

Established in 1994, and labelled as a competitiveness cluster in 2005, Cosmetic Valley is now the point of reference for global cosmetics and the first international centre for resources in the perfumery and cosmetics industry. The driving force for a sector of excellence that is recognised throughout the world and the first global exporter, this national cluster embodies the values of the France brand: innovation, performance, product safety, environmental friendliness. ...

Jurgen Raizner: Be Smart: Knowledge Based Business

The specific competence profile of a company is the basis for sustainable competitive advantages and long-term success of the company. The availability of knowledge in an enterprise and the ability to learn is a key competence to become competitive.

BUSINESS: Romanian enterprises face an increasing pressure from competition. A simple focus on low cost manufacturing is dangerous for individual enterprises and does not contribute to the necessary economic growth in Romania. Competitiveness ...

Maria Vranceanu: Nutrigenetics and Personalized Nutrition. What Does the Future Hold?

Feeding is essential. According to the World Health Organization, adequate nutrition and health are to be considered fundamental human rights, very related to each other. The health status of the rich and poor populations of the planet is strongly influenced by the level and quality of nutrition. A proper diet is a very valuable prevention tool for many diseases, a management and treatment in many others. Proper nutrition constitutes, together with adequate physical activity and the control of other risk factors ...