Serviam | The Ursuline Way

As members of the Ursuline Academy community, we recognize that all our relationships are rooted in our relationship with God and our Gospel call to service. In response, we commit ourselves to SERVIAM as a way of life. We accept the opportunity, the responsibility and the risk that will come as we open ourselves to growth and conversion through giving and receiving.

Adopted May 1997

Cultivating within our students a spirit of lifelong service through our school motto of SERVIAM, “I will serve,” is at the heart of our mission here at Ursuline. In response to this gospel call to service as a way of life, service hours become an integral part of our graduation requirements.

An important element toward spiritual growth is Ursuline’s emphasis on service to the community. Our school motto is Serviam, "I will serve." Ursuline students must complete 120 hours of service before graduation, including 60 hours during the junior year, two-week service project.

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