3. Music Notes

by Rebecca Mebert, Music Coordinator

This fall, we’ve begun a journey of sorts as we start to develop and experience the musical resources that are coming to be part of our congregational worship.

The service music for the January 15, 2017 service was all about starting new: being an inspiration to our congregation, our community, to our worlds, wherever we go. That is what this music journey is to me and to the growing number of people contributing to our worship each Sunday morning.

Music comes from different spaces in the sanctuary: balcony, aisles, platform. It comes from piano, organ, flutes, saxophone, trombone, drums, chimes, bells, and vocalists — single, duet, trio, full choir. Children are learning to be music leaders; they are naturally full of joy! People of all ages want to offer their gifts, realized and unrealized, and are joining in to be a part of leading worship in our space. Some are new to us and others have been in the music program for years. Music readers and music followers are all participating. Where once there had been hesitancy over what it means to be a part of a program that is joyful, inclusive, and worshipful, that hesitancy has all but disappeared.

Christmas Eve was a high point of our church year. Ensembles, duets, traditional and jazz genre created a joyful feeling as we celebrated Jesus’ birth and everything it symbolizes to us as a community of faith in our human experience.

The main theme I have heard is that we are always open to ideas. We invite people to feel included but not trapped in a mold. The internet, with its resources, assists people who learn by listening to join in along with music readers. Creating a good quality music program takes on a whole new meaning when we say, “why not?” We invite you to learn more ways of making music in this year. You are welcome. Auditioning not a requirement. Enthusiastic, playful, and joyful contributions are. Contact me at music@upcbgm.org or talk to me on Sunday after worship at 10.

Bronzissimo! Handbell Choir Concert

On Sunday, December 11, we were delighted to host Bronzissimo! Community Handbell Choir’s winter concert. Under the direction of Claire Bombard, the choir presented a program of sacred and secular tunes, played on five octaves of Schulmerich handbells and four octaves of Malmark handchimes. The opening processional featured one octave of UPC’s own Malmark handbells chained together into a “bell tree,” which can be seen near center stage in this photo. The bell tree was played by a single choir member using a mallet. Despite the inclement weather, the concert was relatively well-attended and was enjoyed by all.