Fall 2016

Volume 7, Issues 10-12

Letter from the Editors

This fall we are trying a new format for the UP-Beat Newsletter. This online version, which was produced using the new Google Sites platform, is more dynamic and robust than the print version which we are mailing out. In upcoming issues, you’ll find links to our Google Photo albums for the various events we’ll be highlighting, as well as links to other resources such as Facebook event pages, posts on Blogspot and other platforms, and connections back to the church website, www.upcbgm.org

The newsletter can now be viewed more easily on various different devices (computer screen, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) so we hope that you are as excited about the new format as we are!

Also, we’ve decided on a quarterly schedule for the newsletter. Since we provide a weekly calendar of events, prayer concerns, and announcements with the worship guide every Sunday, and we also send out email announcements each week and for special notices, we’ll be using the newsletter as a way to showcase our ongoing mission work and to paint a broader picture of any upcoming education and mission activities.

If you decide you prefer to receive only the digital version of the newsletter from now on, please let us know by emailing the church office at office@upcbgm.org