Welcome to Room 10

A Little Bit About Mr. Preza

Mr. Preza is thrilled to be a 4th grade teacher at Lietz Elementary! This is his fourth year here, although he has been part of the Union School District since 2014. Prior to becoming an elementary teacher, he served the Los Gatos community for 8 years as an early childhood educator and program director. He received his bachelors degree in Child and Adolescent Development and multiple subject teaching credential from San Jose State University. As of summer 2018, Mr. Preza is academically certified as a Professional Learning Leader, Google Educator: Level 1, and Growth Mindset Educator.

His favorite pastime is to spend quality time with family, friends, and Onyx (his cat). When with company he likes to go bowling, see the latest film releases, and enjoy a good ol' fashion hangout. In his alone time, he enjoys reading horror books and playing video games.

By many in both his professional and social life, he is often referred to as a diplomat with an old soul and heart of a child.