Workshop on Immersive Sickness Prevention

IEEE VR 2021
Sunday, March 28
5-9pm Lisbon Time (UTC+1)

The WISP 2021 program is now available.

Workshop Description

The Workshop on Immersive Sickness Prevention is intended to foster discussion between researchers, developers, and practitioners interested in addressing cybersickness, one of the most significant usability issues in the virtual reality field. Although immersive technologies have been advancing rapidly, their rate of public adoption has been slowed by the fact that many users experience physical discomfort during or after the use of VR devices, with symptomatic characteristics similar to motion sickness. Furthermore, studies have consistently shown that motion sickness disproportionately affects women, and concerns have been raised about the existence of inequitable barriers for engaging with immersive media. The workshop program will include primary research papers that report study results, novel interaction techniques, or technological interventions aimed towards understanding and mitigating cybersickness, as well as position papers describing early-stage concepts, preliminary results, or case studies from industry.

Topics of Interest

  • Experiments that improve scientific understanding of motion sickness phenomena

  • Studies of group characteristics or individual differences in cybersickness-related phenomena among VR users

  • Methods for the prediction or early detection of symptoms related to cybersickness

  • Techniques or technologies for preventing cybersickness

  • Interventions that can mitigate the severity of negative symptoms

  • Case studies of cybersickness concerns from user experiences with commercial virtual reality applications

Date and Location

WISP will be co-located with the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, which will be held on March 27 - April 3, 2021. The workshop is scheduled for Sunday, March 28 at 5-9pm Lisbon Time (GMT). To participate, please make sure to register for the conference.


Evan Suma Rosenberg

University of Minnesotasuma at umn dot edu

Victoria Interrante

University of Minnesotainterran at umn dot edu