Student & Postdoc Intranet

October 2023: The Student & Postdoc Intranet is being retired! 

In an effort to reduce duplication and protect Chemistry department information, we (Dept. of Chemistry Web Committee) have chosen to combine the Chemistry Student & Postdoc Intranet with the Faculty & Staff Intranet to create one central Chemistry Intranet. Anyone with a UMN login will be able to access the Chemistry Intranet, and all resources that were previously available on the Student & Postdoc Intranet have been moved to (or already existed in) an alternate location. For your convenience, we have listed below where you can now find each resource –  please note this intranet will be retired in full in Summer 2024 and access to this list will end at that time.  

Please explore the new central intranet, update your bookmarks, and feel free to email with any questions!

What Happened to ______ on the Student Intranet?