The Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS) is a tool accessed through MyU that consists of two parts that work together: the planner and the audit.

  • The GPAS planner helps students and advisors map out future coursework needed to complete a degree.

  • The GPAS audit, or advisement report, displays completed student progress toward degree requirements.

Provost Karen Hanson and the GPAS team recognize the significant impact GPAS has on program processes. Thank you for your time and effort throughout GPAS implementation as well as ongoing work toward enhancing the system for student success.

Why use GPAS?

  • Enhance student services by making curriculum requirements, degree progress, and advising more transparent

  • Provide consistency and accuracy of student records for student progress and advising

  • Strengthen the metrics framework to better understand graduate student progress and time-to-degree

  • Support programmatic and curricular decisions by providing detailed reporting from a central system

Meet the GPAS team

The GPAS team is responsible for implementing the GPAS system in graduate and professional programs, supporting the GPAS system, troubleshooting GPAS functionality issues, programming curriculum changes in GPAS when they are approved in PCAS, and enhancing GPAS functionality to support the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Meet the following team members:

Stacia Madsen (Project lead & Business/Systems analyst)

      • Stacia has worked in graduate education since 2006. She first began in Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP), which was in the Graduate School Office at the time. Stacia became a business analyst (BA) during the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Project (ESUP) to support GPAS implementation. Outside of work, Stacia loves to travel and SCUBA dive in remote locations around the world. On one of her SCUBA adventures in North Carolina, she found a megalodon shark tooth! Closer to home, she enjoys running ultramarathons, including 50k and 50-mile races. She loves to cuddle with her dog, Luna, while reading and learning about something new; she is looking for the next great non-fiction read.

Clare Dingley (Business analyst)

    • Clare has worked with degree audit systems since 1982, first at Tulane University and later at the University of Minnesota Morris on APAS. She is currently working with the graduate and professional degree programs at the Twin Cities, and in the future, the Duluth campus. Translating catalog degree requirements into computer systems has been a source of intellectual challenge and reward for her. Clare’s favorite past time outside of work is shopping at secondhand stores, especially when she finds that amazing item that seems like it was put there just for her. Score! Clare likes to visit her sons and pets at the 20-acre farm in west central Minnesota that was homesteaded in the late 1800’s by Norwegian immigrants. Being far from town and cars, the sounds of nature—especially the prairie winds—is a source of peace and comfort.