Design for Community Regeneration

D4CR Northwest MN Begins Summer 2023

The D4CR Team with its partners, received a Deepening Impact grant from the NW Regional Sustainable Development Partnership to continue its work in Northwest Minnesota. Building off of the successful work in Warren, MN, this grant is part one of a two-year vision to engage organizations and communities across NW Minnesota to envision a regenerative and resilient future, and identify opportunities for coordinated community innovations toward that future.

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Design for Community Regeneration (D4CR) is a Minnesota Design Center initiative led by Tim Griffin, Jonee Kulman Brigham, and Dewey Thorbeck. D4CR partners with communities in a process of imagining and planning their regenerative and resilient future addressing food, water, and energy security while increasing economic opportunities, social cohesion, and finding low cost housing options. Communities participate in a ground-up "Geodesign" process assisted by geographic data, and a dashboard for community goals. Regional clusters of rural, peri-urban, and urban communities will explore how to identify their assets of land such as underutilized golf courses, school properties, and industrial sites and participate in an inclusive decision process about future regenerative land use yielding initiatives ready for prototyping and implementation. 

Pilot: NW Minnesota

D4CR is a decade-long plan for piloting and then expanding a Design for Community Regeneration model across Minnesota. 

The first pilot project has been funded for application in Warren, Minnesota. The project is made possible by funding from the Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, City of Warren, and in-kind support from partner organizations. To see the D4CR Warren Introduction Story Map, click HERE. Phase 1 is complete resulting in a list of potential regenerative innovations for Warren and Phase 2 is continuing with four prototype projects prioritized by the community to be further evaluated to help move Warren toward implementation.

Next phase fundraising will extend the pilot in NW Minnesota to engage local-regional issues, working with interested cities such as Crookston and Hallock and partners within and beyond the region

All three cities in this regional cluster are MN GreenStep Cities, which gives them a strong foundation to build from as they plan for a regenerative future, although being a GreenStep City is not a prerequisite for participation.

If  you are interested in learning more, following our progress, contributing ideas or funds, or becoming a future D4CR city, please contact Tim Griffin at griff282@umn.edu

The Regional Sustainable Development Partnership RSDP brings together community and University knowledge and resources to drive sustainability in four focus areas: agriculture and food systems, clean energy, natural resources and resilient communities.

Warren is a city in northwestern Minnesota of 1,678 as of 2010 and is the county seat of Marshall County. Warren is a MN GreenStep City and the recipient of multiple environmental awards.

Connecting Local, Regional, and State Planning

D4CR is connecting across communities and regions to grow the 10 year vision for regenerative planning.

8 minute Lightning talk from the 2021 conference, 2022 coming soon

Geodesign Presentation

D4CR Leaders, Tim Griffin and Jonee Kulman Brigham presented the D4CR Warren project progress to date at the 2022 Geodesign Summit on April 11-12, 2022.

The Geodesign Summit gathers developers, practitioners, and researchers from the ESRI GIS community to share their work using GIS and Geodesign processes. 

Watch our 8 minute videos, and check out other Geodesign presentations at the the current proceedings site (coming soon), or the 2021 proceedings website.

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