D4CR Warren

D4CR Warren Introduction

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The first pilot project of Design for Community Regeneration (D4CR) has been funded for two phases of application in Warren, Minnesota. The project is made possible by funding from the Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, City of Warren, and in-kind support from partner organizations. To see the D4CR Warren Introduction Story Map that outlines phase 1 work, explore below or view it full screen.

Phase 1 is complete resulting in a list of potential regenerative innovations for Warren and Phase 2 is continuing with prioritized projects further evaluated and prototyped to help move the Warren toward implementation.

D4CR Warren Phase 2 Prototype development currently in progress

Four Prototypes

  1. An ESRI Welcome to Warren Interactive Map for economic development and tourism

  2. 100% Clean Energy Independence Plan

  3. Safe Routes Tree Trail Loop

  4. Core Area Innovations in city parks, downtown, and the K-12 school campus.

Upcoming prototype milestones:

  • June 2022 - Warren Prototypes at Music Festival

  • July 2022 - Prototype exhibit for Marshall County Fair

D4CR Warren Phase 2 Prototypes Story Map coming soon...

View the D4CR Warren Phase 2 Prototype Posters and share your input!

How can we design the future we want?

Prototype Posters

Prototyping an idea or a mock up of an idea is part of the design process. It allows for input and testing out an idea before it is complete to improve the design, just as drafting and redrafting a paper improves writing.

The posters summarize prototypes of the four priority project areas. The posters themselves are prototypes too.

Draft Mini-posters will be shared at the June 16, 2022 Music Festival in Warren for input and online participation.

Another draft of the mini-posters will be presented at the July 14, 2022 Music Festival

Finally, larger posters and other exhibit items will be shared at the Marshall County Fair July 20-24, 2022 for more public input.

How can Warren be more welcoming?

How can Warren be clean energy independent?

How can public lands be more regenerative?

How can we build the diversion trail vision?