The D4CR Toolkit

The D4CR Toolkit evolves in its "Living Lab" engagement with communities in which it is applied. 

Toolkit summaries coming soon:

Regenerative Scorecard and Dashboard - in development

In D4CR Warren Phase 1 and 2 we use a version of the D4CR Regenerative Scorecard that is based on a modified version of 21CD (21stCentury Development Guideline) which is based on the Living Futures Institute's Living Building Challenge Framework.

Below is shown an interim step in our process where the scorecard is compared to a regenerative vision for 4 of the 10 geo systems of Warren. To get from Warren's progress to date to a fully regenerative future, teams brainstorm and prioritize innovations they would like to apply to their city.

21CD-SCORECARD-MENU-WKSHOP-subset geosystems.pdf

Continuing D4CR Scorecard Development

D4CR is exploring scorecard translations to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as locally-relevant MN GreenStep Cities best practices.