SMTD Comp Tickets

Comp Ticket Information for Current SMTD Faculty, Staff, and Students

SMTD offers a generous complimentary-ticket policy for current SMTD faculty, staff, part-time University Productions staff, and full-time undergraduate and graduate majors/concentrators in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Complimentary tickets (a.k.a. comps) are a privilege offered by SMTD to allow colleagues to see each other’s work and to observe student work as part of our collaborative and training processes.

Please note: Different comp types cannot be combined. If you qualify for more than one comp type for a production, only redeem the type that offers the best ticket option. For example, anyone involved in a production has access to company comps for that production, which is often the better option over their standard faculty/staff or major comp option.

To find your full comp ticket information, be sure to search your email inbox for anything from or

The ticketing for SMTD is managed by the UMS ticket office. Policies are set and managed by SMTD, and the ticket office staff should not be asked to make exceptions. Any exceptions must be requested via

Please use the navigation menu at the top to review the process of requesting your comps, based on your role within SMTD: Fac/Staff, Major, or Company. The full instructions can be found there. The document below is simply the policy.

PLEASE NOTE: There have been a number of changes to the comp policy this year. Please review it in its entirety.

Full Comp Policy

FINAL 2022-23 Comp Policy