John M. Sullivan

Associate Research Scientist, Head Human Factors Group

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

About Me

I am a research scientist and current head of the Human Factors Group of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Human limitations take many forms -- perceptual-motor limits, judgment and response limits, cognitive limits, and supervisory limits. At various times, a driver’s task bumps into one of these limits, often with lethal consequence. My primary research objectives are to determine how various limitations in human capability affect transportation safety, and the extent to which driver assistance systems can help remediate them.

The three primary methodologies guiding my research are:

  1. Examination of real-world crash data for patterns that suggest causal and systematic mechanisms of crash risk associated with driver limitations.
  2. Empirical studies of the effectiveness of mitigation and support technologies designed to bridge these limitations.
  3. Analysis of naturalistic driving to determine real-world performance changes associated with assistance technologies.

Research Profiles