Astronomy DEI

Like science, and DEI effort, this page will always be a work in progress.

As astronomers, we might prefer to think that our work solely pertains to the stars, the universe, and matters off of this planet. In truth science is a human endeavor. It is humans who wonder about the mysteries of space, humans who perform the careful and creative work of science, humans who sit in our classrooms learning about the wonderful things we have figured out, and humanity that benefits from the tangible and inspiring results of astronomy.

When some people are subjected to acts of hate and suffer from discrimination, it is a loss for us all. It is a crime against our shared humanity and a personal injury against those particular individuals. It also hurts our science. How can we build our best instruments if we are not including all of our best technical skill? How can we observe the most exciting discoveries without including all of those who can best prepare the experiment? How can we understand the cosmos if we do not include all of the brightest minds in this pursuit?

Here in the Department of Astronomy we value our shared humanity and we value excellence in science, which is predicated on inclusively and equitably embracing our full diversity. Yet, while statements of values are important, without acts of support they contain little worth. We commit to acting for the continual improvement of our department, our university, our field, and our world.

Astronomy is for Everyone