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The focus of this edition is on the topic of extraction.

Adding the hyphens, extr-a-ction reformulates our perspective on the use of resources to facilitate/organize our daily life: from excess to sufficiency, from linear to circular, from depletion to regeneration…aiming for an inclusive society in balance with nature.

Extr-a-ction calls for action and collaboration to change our (built) environment into a more sustainable one; to shift towards a more sustainable society!

We will present our research and MANIFESTO, as a living lab in Hasselt’s Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture, complementing the Same Same but different EXHIBITION.

Together with neighbours, local stakeholders, professionals and other interested, we will disseminate the beauty and relevance of a built environment in urban harvested materials in a series of small-scale interventions in Brussel's PARCKFARM PROJECT. 

We invite the Parckfarm community to participate in the FESTIVAL activities and celebrate with us.

More information about the academic structure and backgrounds of the postgraduate Architecture of Extr-a-ction edition can be found on the UHasselt BuildingBeyondBorders website.


At the end of our postgraduate year, we want to say goodbye and thank our partners and new friends, but not without writing down our experiences and reflections in this News Beyond Borders newspaper. Enjoy!

2022_News Beyond Borders.pdf