What is "Rush"?

"Rush" is the first step you will take in joining a Fraternity. It is the official recruiting process by which you get to know the Brothers in the Fraternity, as well as any potential new members whom you may go through the Pledging process with. Rush generally involves many formal events (a bowling night, a barbecue meet-and-greet, etc.), but usually it involves a significant number of smaller, more personal rush events as well. These may take place at the Kappa Sigma Lodge on campus, or they may be one-on-one with Brothers whom you share common interests. Either way, Rushing a Greek Organization is a great way to branch out and allows you a glimpse into Fraternity life.

In the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, our Rush Program is called Champion Quest. The reason for this is simple: we are on a "quest" to find the best and brightest minds on every campus, the future "Champions" that will represent our values and carry on a 150 year legacy of greatness.

The next step after rush is Pledgeship. Any of the Brothers would be more than happy to discuss the value of Fraternity with you. Please visit our contact page or fill out our Rush Interest Form to speak to a Brother from UA Little Rock.