Our Men

The Executive Committee (EC) of each Chapter of Kappa Sigma oversees the affairs of the Chapter and ensures that all members remain in good standing, with the Chapter, the Campus, and the community at large. These exemplary Brothers are nominated, and subsequently elected, to their positions, and they serve as role models to each of the individual Brothers for whom they are responsible.

Current Executive Committee

(Fall 2018)

Grand Master:

William Hall

The Grand Master faces a variety of responsibilities and challenges, which can roughly be broken down into two categories: leadership and administration. He is the Chief Executive Officer of his chapter. Inasmuch as the GM represents the chapter in all aspects, both internally and externally, he is usually regarded as the most informed and responsible member of the chapter. It is ultimately his responsibility to see that all goes well.

Grand Procurator:

Nick Miller

As second in the chain of command, the Grand Procurator must look to the future. All the duties of this Officer require an understanding of where the chapter is with respect to Fraternity standards, and develops a five year plan. In short, goal-setting is his indispensable duty. He is responsible for the general conduct and discipline of the chapter.

Grand Scribe:

Samuel Zargari

The Grand Scribe is the backbone of the Executive Committee and of the chapter. He is responsible for all paperwork, reporting of new pledges and initiates, minutes of chapter meetings, correspondence, and annual alumni newsletters.

Grand Master of Ceremonies:

Chris W. Stephens

The Grand Master of Ceremonies is responsible for the membership development, including the pledge program. He is also responsible for the Ritual and secret works of the chapter. The Ritual binds together all members of Kappa Sigma and allows for the common bond of all Brothers. Thus, his duties are important not only for his chapter but to the Fraternity in general.

Grand Treasurer:

Mason Mohler

The proper regulation and allocation of chapter finances is vested in the responsibility of the Grand Treasurer. Financial liability of the chapter depends on the Grand Treasurer’s performance of his duties; specifically, the organization of his reports and accounts, and the responsibility of follow-up in collecting from the members and paying the vendors.

Our active members for 2018-2019:

Christopher Heredia

Christopher Stephens

John Hall

Tanner Haire

Samuel Zargari

Quincent James

Humphrey Wanjala

John Redding

Clay Caffey

Jiao Zaixi

Nick Miller

Mason Mohler

Christian Valadez