Research Team

NSERC/COSIA Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in Oil Sands Tailings Geotechnique

NSERC IRC Theme 2 Lead

Influence of Bio-geo-chemical Interactions on the Geotechnical Behaviour of Soft Tailings

NSERC IRC Theme 3 Lead

Capping Soft Tailings

NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Oil Sands Tailings Management (NAIT)

Theme 3 Research Associate

Theme 1 Research Technician

Theme 1 Research Associate

Dr. Peter Kuznetsov

Theme 2 Research Associate

Theme 2 Project: Comparison of consolidation methods over a range of materials

Research interests: tailings remediation and reclamation, tailings dewatering and geotechnical behaviour, geosynthetic reinforced earth structures (walls, slopes, embankments, foundations, pavements, etc.), buried structures, soil-structure interactions

Ralph Burden

Theme 1 Project: Developing appropriate mixtures of FFT with alternative solids for dry stacking

Theme 2 Project: Geotechnical optimization of treated tailings systems for aqueous covers

Research interests: oil sands tailings remediation and reclamation, mine waste management and reclamation, contaminant transport and remediation, and interactions and interplay between geotechnical properties and biogeochemistry

Theme 1 Project: Developing appropriate mixtures of FFT with alternative solids for dry stacking

Theme 1 Project: Investigating the properties of transition zone materials

Research interests: tailings characterisation, mine waste dumps design and reclamation, soil mechanics

Theme 1 Project: Progressive deposition of co-mixtures on deep deposits

Theme 3 Project: Deformation behaviour of crusted tailings

Research interests: oil sands tailings management, permafrost engineering, advanced soil and tailings testing, thermal modelling, numerical simulation of large strain consolidation

Theme 3 Project: Optimization of capping soft tailings deposits

Research interests: whole-of-life physical modelling of geostructures, mining geotechnics, sustainable tailings management, static liquefaction assessment of mine waste materials, development of low cost, open-source IoT data acquisition systems for geotechnical applications