Chromebook Help

Damaged Chromebook Procedures:

If your Chromebook is damaged, bring it to Mrs. Krauze in the Library Media Center - make sure you have a pass from class!

Step 1: Mrs. Krauze will create a work ticket for your Chromebook.

Step 2: Your Chromebook will be picked up and evaluated by someone in IT.

Step 3: You will be notified whether you have been charged to have your Chromebook repaired.

  • IF YOU HAVE NO FINE: go to Mrs. Krauze in the Library Media Center to be issued a replacement Chromebook.

  • IF YOU HAVE A FINE: You may pay your fine by

    • CASH: Bring the form, along with the money owed, to Ms. Melillo in the main office. We are not always able to make change, so exact change is appreciated.

Once your fine is paid, go to Mrs. Krauze in the Library Media Center to be issued a replacement Chromebook.

You can find the full Chromebook User Agreement here.

Cost for Repair and Lost Devices

The estimated cost for repair of a damaged Dell Chromebook is $25 and/or replacement of device is $400.00.

CHARGER: Unless the charger is found to be defective, the cost of replacement of a power supply/charger for a device is $45.
You may replace the charger on your own. If your device uses a USBC charger, please look for a new charger with these specifications:

Type: USBC
Power: 65W
Input: 100-240V~1.7A 50-60Hz
Output: 20V/15V/9V/5V⎓3.25/3/3/3A

Payment plan options may be offered if it is determined the full estimated value is due to the district.

Students who have been deemed eligible for free and reduced lunch will be charged 50% of costs listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should this process take?

It shouldn't take more than a day or 2, before you or your student receives notification about whether money is owed. A replacement device will be issued upon receipt of payment, or notification that no payment is due.

What types of damages will be fined?

Students will be fined the $25 insurance deductible when the damage is accidental. Typical fined damages include:

  • cracked case

  • cracked screen

  • broken hinges

  • missing keys

  • broken mouse pad

  • broken charging/headphone/USB port

Students will NOT be fined when the issue is manufacture or operating system related. These issues include:

      • battery not holding a charge

      • operating system not functioning correctly

How can I help protect my Chromebook from damage?

Cases are available for purchase that will help protect and extend the life of your Chromebook. You can find some good recommendations and ideas in this Android Authority article.

Treat your Chromebook gently. DO NOT:

      • walk from class to class with it open

      • close it with a notebook or other item inside

      • plunk it down on a desk or table

      • leave it on the floor

      • put it on the heater

What should I do if my Chromebook is missing, lost, or stolen?

In the event the Chromebook goes missing, is loss, or stolen, IMMEDIATELY inform the District, in writing to, and, in the case of a stolen Chromebook, immediately file a police report and provide a copy to the District.

Can I bring in my own device?

Sorry, but you will be unable to connect your personal device to the school wifi. Only district controlled devices may be connected to the school wifi to minimize the risk of hackers and malware.