Library Hours


8:03 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.


Before School

Students may stop by the library on the way to homeroom to drop off or quickly sign out books. Students are responsible for arriving at homeroom on time. No passes will be provided.


During the school day

Students may come from homeroom or class with a pass from their teacher



Students may not come to the library during their lunch period (except for Battle of the Books practices scheduled by Mrs. Krauze)


After school

Students may come to the library briefly after school. No pass is required.

Expected Behavior

The library is a shared space. Students, teachers, and other members of the school community all work in the library and use the resources we provide. This is the basis for the library's policies. Please treat all others in the library with respect and consideration for their needs as well as your own.


Do not bring food, drinks, or gum into the library.

Work quietly.

Handle books, magazines, and equipment carefully.

Follow all school rules.

Ask before you act.

When you come with a class for research or other lessons, these additional rules apply:

Listen attentively.

Raise your hand before answering a question.

Ask questions when you don't understand.

Students may come to the library to work on assignments independently or in quiet groups, to get research help or reading advice from Mrs. Krauze, to borrow and return books, to read, or to participate in library programs and activities. Any student who does not demonstrate appropriate library behavior after a warning may be asked to leave.

Privileges and Responsibilities


No library materials should leave the library without being signed out!


How much


How long

*Renewals are allowed if no one else is waiting for the item. You may email me at lkrauze@twpunionschools.org to ask to renew your book - please make sure to include your ID number in your email if you do.



How to sign out a book





Use of Technology:

All information copied from Catapult webpage: https://kawameeh.twpunionschools.org/subsites/mlewis/Policies/index.html