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"Take time to REMEMBER the rest of you"

Do you watch what you eat?

Do you make a point to exercise?

Do you look out for the well being of others?

Do you forget to take time out for yourself and become overwhelmed?

Today's fast pace forces us to sacrifice, and it's easy to remember to complete the things we can see, the things we can touch, things going on outside of ourselves; however, everything going on inside: stress, obligations, responsibilities, and more, are easier to place on the back burner and bottle up for a later time. This can be detrimental to our health, as we learned from our Elementary School Guidance Counselors. So make a point to "Remember the rest of you," and make your mental health a part of your healthy routine.

Triple Willow Mental Health, Inc (TWMH) provides more focused care for individuals learning to cope with severe issues. Our practice holds sessions for individuals, couples, families, and groups in the psycho-educational, psycho-therapeutic, mental health, and career counseling models. Our CEO formally worked alongside nationally acclaimed psychiatrist, psychologist, medical staff, and therapists from other fields during his School & Professional Internships in Texas. There he acquired a strong understanding of psychotropic medications/therapies in the team treatment setting, and he brings this knowledge to our practice and shares insights for all providers to engage most appropriately with the individuals seeking treatment at TWMH.

Our areas of experience branches a wide range of services and specialties:

learning disabilities, LGBTQ, transgender youth, PTSD, trauma, grief, family conflict, CPS/court mandated, family therapy, domestic violence victims (child, adolescents, and adults), domestic violence abusers (child, adolescents, and adults), geriatric psychotherapy, chronic mental illness, chronic pain, and life coaching.

Triple Willow Mental Health, Inc holds a unique approach to the entire client as well as their mental and physical well being. The philosophy is to bring one's Mind, Body, & Spirit in balance with each other through a myriad of therapies, not only talk-therapy.