Symptom Rehabilitation

Our brains control our behavior to a tremendous extent, and sometimes the best way to change your behavior is to trust in science for modification techniques. Light & Sound/eeg and Biofeedback are two cutting edge techniques for helping people break addictions, decrease stress, improve moods, and overall grow into healthier habits and a healthier life. Please call or email us to learn more about whether these approaches might help you.

Please keep in mind that as a trained psychotherapy practice, we also coach you through these techniques as well and help you move closer to the long-term solutions you seek.

Light & Sound/eeg

In the form of light & sound machines, eeg Symptom Rehabilitation is a proven method for leveling, balancing, and retraining our brain waves to function more appropriately. Alpha, Beta, & Theta waves construct all we do; how can we train them to do better for us?


Teach yourself how to improve your health and performance by observing your own body’s signals through scientifically based, proven, and validated practices. Biofeedback is a highly effective way to control stress, achieve truly full relaxation, improve depressive moods, & manage other ailments.