Couples Counseling

Is Seeing A Couples Therapist Right For You?

Are you and your partner fighting all the time? Do you feel like you’re living with a roommate instead of a spouse? Are you missing some of the passion and mutual appreciation that your relationship used to have? Is your sexual life unsatisfying or nonexistent? Maybe you’re just looking for that spark again, or you’re both wondering if it is time to make a real change. Significant trauma in you or your partner’s’ lives as individuals can also impact your relationship – job loss, death of a loved one, poor health, infertility, and so many other circumstances can put strain on a relationship. And that just scratches the surface. If you find yourselves unable to work through what’s bothering each of you and the challenges to your relationship, you may want to see a couple’s therapist in Mechanicsville, VA.

Relationships Are Rarely Easy – But They’re Worth It!

Don’t feel bad just because your relationship has challenges. It’s sad common knowledge that roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce. We’re all too familiar with the stress that comes with work, bills, families, and so much more. Further, you and your partner are changing over time, which means you may need new ways to relate to one another to keep the relationship strong.

However, the news for couples isn’t all bad. Your relationship can also give you the energy, support, and enthusiasm you need to feel happier and optimistic. A healthy relationship can also contribute to your mood and literally your overall health. And isn’t it nicer to share memories and passion with someone you love?

Couples Therapy May Be Just What Your Relationship Needs

For any number of reasons, the quality of communication within a relationship can break down. Also, personal discoveries and value changes among the individuals in the relationship can also create stress and strain on a couple. Our goal will be to work on the communication and figure out what each of you really need to be fulfilled in your relationship. I’ll use my years of experience helping other couples struggling with similar situations to help you push through what’s currently upsetting you.

Once we bring the relationship back to a state of mutual acceptance and understanding, we can advance toward building long-term strategies that will help you cope over time. The biggest problem with relationships is that they involve other people (joke!), but that’s also their greatest opportunity. With trust, a healthier attitude, and a bit of deep reflection, you and your partner may find a deeper level of love and commitment than you had thought possible.

You And Your Relationship Can Heal

Relationships aren’t easy, yet such is the case with most things in life worth having. If you want your relationship or at the very least believe your challenges deserve the light of day and an honest and complete conversation, couples therapy may help. We’ll work together to heal your relationship for the long-term. Call or email me to talk about your relationship.