December 2022: Transitions
A Word from the Chair

It has been lovely meeting with you as our TPTMT team has travelled around the country for our regional hui. We went as far North as Waitangi and as far South as Gore. Thank you all for your participation and special acknowledgements to those who travelled from afar to attend. There were great discussions with many connections made, and we are thrilled that you found these hui of value.

As I write this newsletter, I reflect on the past 16 months and the work and resources that have been produced. With the support of Manatū Taonga, we were able to establish a project team who could elevate the level of professional learning and support that we offer – something that we could never do as a volunteer committee. I want to acknowledge the team and their achievements. Ngā mihi nui to Monika Kern, Helen Lloyd and Mel Thompson for their dedication, support and hard work as they facilitated webinars, developed online courses, supported mentoring programmes and so much more. Our sector has benefitted from their work, and we have been grateful to be able to deliver this during these times of COVID, lockdowns and now the recovery. We assure you that while the team finishes their work, all the resources will remain freely accessible online.

As we move forward and start planning for 2023, the TPTMT committee will continue to advocate for the profession. We will run webinars – not as frequently or as polished as this year’s ones – but we will continue to hold these. There will also be a 2023 conference, and future newsletters will provide more information on this. We are always looking for committee members so please let me know if you are interested.

A final thanks to Monika, Helen and Mel for their dedication and to Manatū Taonga | Ministry of Culture and Heritage and Te Papa for their support of the project and the project team.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

- Tara Fagan

November 2022: Finally Together
A Word from the Chair

What a wonderful month it's been finally kicking off our face-to-face regional hui! It's been a pleasure to come into some of your spaces and hear the amazing and diverse work you're all doing in the regions. We certainly have some very lucky ākonga benefitting from so much local knowledge and expertise! Great discussions around the ANZH curriculum, and a very welcome opportunity for you to get to know some of your local colleagues.

It's hard to overstate just how much benefit can be gained from connecting and collaborating across the sector. This came through very strongly in our last webinar from the wonderful Massey researchers reporting on their findings from the ANZH Regional Resources stocktake. They really highlighted some of the challenges and opportunities (like collaboration!) in the sector from a birds eye view. Definitely worth a watch if you missed it. Connection is also the focus of our newest course, launching on Monday. It's a great primer for how to use digital tools to expand your professional networks and how to keep yourself safe online.

On that theme we will also be publishing a cyber safety resource very soon, a sector specific pdf guide on keeping yourself and the students you teach online safe and secure. We will be posting a survey on the facebook group very soon to inform that resource, to understand what you're already doing in this space and where the gaps might be. It would really help us if you can complete this survey for us when you have a moment, kia ora!

- Tara Fagan

October 2022: Valuable Kōrero
A Word from the Chair

In September, Museums Aotearoa and Te Pū Tiaki Mana Tonga met with Minister Tinetti to discuss the delays to the Enriching Local Curriculum tender process and the outcomes. Minister Tinetti apologised for the impact the process had on the sector and she will be discussing processes with the Ministry of Education. She also talked about how Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum is incredibly important to New Zealanders and the role culture and heritage places have to support the curriculum. It was an encouraging meeting and she is keen for us to continue the conversation.

Another busy month in terms of content from us too! As well as looking forward to our Te Tai Tokerau regional hui, we've also dropped an exciting new course, and have extended our webinar series to pull in the EXCELLENT leadership and coaching facilitator Naketa Ikihele from Kia Mahira. We're also very grateful to have the research leaders of the ANZH regional resources stocktake that many of you will have contributed to here for a webinar too. We're excited to hear from them about what they found, and what that means for our sector. We're so proud to be able to bring such valuable kōrero to you, and we look forward to seeing you there.

- Tara Fagan

September 2022: Sharing Knowledge
A Word from the Chair

We're hitting the road this month for the first of our regional hui in Wellington and Christchurch! An exciting milestone for the project, and one we're very much looking forward to.

I don't know about you, but I'm still buzzing from our last webinar from Puawai Cairns on what it means to be bicultural in this sector, and how that impacts the way we engage with our taonga, our communities, our artists, and our institutions. If you haven't caught up on that kōrero yet, I strongly encourage you to carve out some time to watch it here.

We have some very interesting webinars for you this month too, first up (this week!) we have the Learning team at Wellington Zoo to talk about the proactive and empowering ways they navigate teaching about the other big issue of our time, Climate Action. Then we are hearing from another educator with a wealth of experience in the sector, Taupopoki George McLeod, who will share the passion, care and expertise he uses when teaching ākonga about his sometimes controversial local histories. What a privilege to share our practice with each other in this way.

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga.

Fill your basket of knowledge.

- Tara Fagan

August 2022: Coming Together
A Word from the Chair

We're now about two-thirds of the way through the MCH funded TPTMT project to build connections and capability in the sector. COVID-19 dictated at the start of the project that we park the face-to-face aspects we had planned. While sad, this did allow us to focus on capability building, particularly in regards to digital and distance delivery, while the need for it was most acute.

Nonetheless, through the last ten months many of you have gotten to know each other, and we are cheered to see feedback saying that you feel more connected, supported, and now know people in the sector to reach out to thanks to this mahi. This is continuing with the rich kōrero coming through the discussion forum of our free online courses. So much deep reflection, connection, and professional growth is brilliant to watch.

Though COVID-19 remains with us (and we will take all reasonable precautions), we are now in a position to finally roll out our face-to-face regional hui in the next few months, and really solidify the network that can only strengthen our sector and practice. Check your inboxes for an invite and RSVP to signal your attendance, we're so excited to meet you!

- Tara Fagan

July 2022: Transitions
A Word from the Chair

We're very excited to be moving into a new phase of the TPTMT Project. Though we will be continuing with our webinars (returning back to a fortnightly sessions in acknowledgement of how busy you all are!), we're also sharing some exciting new parts of our offering.

We now have the second of our free online courses launched on FutureLearn! The first was all about how to develop alternative teaching methods in the age of COVID, and this second one focuses on the ways that Culture & Heritage organisations can enrich the curriculum for tamariki in Aotearoa.

The other exciting news is that planning has begun in earnest for our face-to-face regional hui! We have come so far in creating networks and connections with each other through various digital channels over these months together, but the chance to finally solidify those in person feels like a real win.

We're so excited to get together, chat about regional challenges, and see how we can all support each other in the sector. Please take a moment to follow this link and tell us which session we can expect to see you at!

- Tara Fagan

June 2022: Mānawatia a Matariki
A Word from the Chair

June is a massive month for the project team, with a fantastic line-up of webinars covering some of our big topics for the term. We're also seeing the culmination of months of work behind the scenes with the launch of our very first short online course!

But we know that many of you have full plates right now. The return of face-to-face teaching, uncertainty around ELC, and the development of Matariki programmes all top of mind. We want to remind you that our mahi is here to support you, whatever that looks like. It's important to us that our webinars and courses be available to you on your terms, and hope that they can be something to enjoy, a way to connect with your peers, and to re-ground yourself in the value of the work you all do. Mānawatia a Matariki, everyone.

Maharatia | Remember

Mānawatia | Celebrate

Manakotia | Hope

- Tara Fagan

May 2022: A Time of Change

A Word from the Chair

Its a busy month for the sector (though increasingly, that feels like every month), as we all wrestle with the uncertainty surrounding ELC bids, and a focus on the lead up to Matariki. I know we are all busy with the development of events and programmes ahead of the first time Aotearoa formally celebrates Matariki as a nation. The committee continues to advocate for the sector and have recently contributed an editorial for School News on the how culture and heritage can support schools in delivering ANZ histories curriculum.

We're also approaching a milestone moment for this TPTMT programme, with our first online course offering tantalisingly close to launch! A huge amount of work (and aroha) has gone into this next step of our PLD offerings and we hope you get as much out of it as we have in creating it for you.

We've also got a fantastic line up of webinars this month, tackling a variety of topics; Auckland Museum's hugely rewarding accessibility journey, lessons learned by outdoor educators in harnessing the power of the whenua in education, and a timely topic with the new Histories curriculum launch- how to manage the emotions that some of these challenging topics might evoke in our learners.

As always, thank you for joining us, sharing with us, and learning together.

- Tara Fagan

April 2022: Celebrations and Remembrance

A Word from the Chair

With the end of Daylight Savings, and after a very busy Term 1 for most of us (complete with ever-shifting COVID restrictions), summer is starting to feel like a long-distant memory. Many of us will be looking eagerly towards the Easter long weekend as a chance to take a breather. After this week's valuable webinar on Accessibility the project team will be taking a break from webinars until the 5th of May, as we know many of you will be taking some much needed time with whānau.

We also acknowledge that many of you will be marking ANZAC day as we pay tribute to our fallen soldiers. For many this will play a big part in your education programmes, and represents an opportunity to seek out stories from local families or communities that could feed into an enhanced focus on Local Curriculum.

As always, we encourage you to share any interesting, novel, or creative ways you're teaching with us through email, or on our facebook page. We will also continue to post MoE bulletins on our Facebook page when they relate to Culture & Heritage education, so its a great way to stay abreast of changes that may affect your teaching.

I'd also like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Moana Jackson and the immeasurable impact of his mahi; "The lawyer, teacher and activist was without equal. New Zealand is so much poorer for his passing, but so much richer for his life".

- Tara Fagan

March 2022: Connection

A Word from the Chair

As more of our friends and whānau begin to return positive COVID tests, it can feel surreal and disconcerting trying to carry on as normal. Navigating staff illness, cautious schools, and ever-changing restrictions can be overwhelming- especially for those of our members who are the sole member of their organisation's education team.

My fellow committee member Alison Woollard and I will be leading a webinar this week to open up a discussion space about how all of us are carrying on, which activities we're finding ways to deliver, and the challenges that have arisen. We don't have all the answers- but there's a huge amount of value in reaching out to each other and sharing our struggles. We hope you can join us.

To those who are ill or whose loved ones are, our thoughts are with you.

Noho ora mai.

- Tara Fagan

February 2022: A Changing Landscape

A Word from the Chair

Welcome to 2022! We hope you all got a chance to relax and reconnect over the break... just in time for a challenging start to the year with Omicron popping up in our communities and new restrictions to navigate. The MoE has been putting out regular bulletins for schools which sometimes include specific EOTC mentions, and can keep you aware of the restrictions schools are working under. While it is good information for us to be aware of, the information is for schools rather than for our institutions to make changes to our organisational practices and policies. The TPTMT Facebook page has been active the last few weeks with members discussing how their organisations are responding to these new requirements. If you're feeling overwhelmed, come join the kōrero.

We have some great webinars lined up for February; creating digital art videos from scratch, valuable kōrero around Māori perspectives on education, and a look at ways of welcoming our smallest visitors into our Culture & Heritage spaces.

Our Mentoring & kaimahi Māori programmes, and our online course offerings are also kicking off, or coming down the pipeline soon- stay tuned!

- Tara Fagan

December 2021: Reflections

A Word from the Chair

As we race towards the end of the year, I doubt many of us will be sorry to see the back of 2021. It's been a challenging year with COVID-19, exacerbated by both the pressures of a new and different funding round with ELC, as well as getting our heads around the new traffic light system.

This makes us all the more grateful that you've found the time to join our sessions and really engage with them. The comments and messages coming through to the project team have been really heartening. It is during difficult times that we see the real strength in community. This has long been the goal of the Association; to create a stronger, more resilient sector by fostering whanaungatanga, conversation, and knowledge sharing among members. Through this, we can collectively strive to offer the best possible education programmes to our tamariki. Thank you so much for joining, and contributing to this goal.

Have a safe, happy, and restful break and after our final webinar this week, we will see you in the New Year to kick off a slew of new initiatives from us, including the first of our online courses!

- Tara Fagan

November 2021: Big Topics

A Word from the Chair

We want to send a huge thank you out to everyone who participated in our Regional Focus Group Hui recently! It was fantastic to be able to connect, drill down into some of the big challenges in our Sector, and begin creating a plan to address them with PLD. The findings from the survey and hui have been collated into our Sector Consultation Report 2021, and it's obvious there a few big things forefront in your minds.

There is a lot of uncertainty around COVID-19 restrictions for learners, and on top of that comes big changes to LEOTC/ELC. While we wait for clarity on the former, our next webinar will start to address the requirements and approaches around Local Curriculum. Other big areas of need identified were collegial connection, understanding Te Aō Māori, best practice in teaching and culture & heritage, and gaining proficiency in an increasingly digital world.

As well as the great webinars that the project team are putting forward this month, the committee itself will be running a webinar next Tuesday 9th November (2.30 - 3.30pm) to discuss the ELC tender and key areas to address in your response. You can join that here.

- Tara Fagan

October 2021: Looking Forwards

A Word from the Chair

And we're off! We've had a fantastic response to our first two webinars- thank you to all who made it!

This month, we'll have our second of several webinars about pedagogical techniques with practical examples used by Culture & Heritage specialists, and an introduction to the digital tools and ways of working that we all must become familiar with as we adapt to working and teaching in a COVID world.

Starting this mahi during lockdown, the TPTMT team have found themselves taking a crash course in new digital tools, platforms, and programmes - and have seen the vast potential they have. So we encourage you to come along and see how they could help you connect.

The Association has recently met to plan out the next 14 months of work – an exciting time as we move towards legal status as an organisation, working with Teaching Council to look at how our sector can maintain teacher registration, as well as supporting our project team. Our Association is always looking for new members to contribute so if you are interested, please get in touch and we can chat.

- Tara Fagan

September 2021: Welcome to the programme!
A Word from the Chair

Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga, with the support of Te Papa, has secured funding from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage to deliver a programme of professional learning for educators working in the sector. The need for professional support for culture and heritage education teams became clear in lockdown, when large groups, schools and early childhood centres were unable to visit museums, galleries and other culture and heritage spaces. The Association received an overwhelming number of requests for help from educators who were battling to adapt to the new needs of schools.

The project will build educators' capability to be responsive and adaptable and work to share their institution's taonga with schools and kura, and support educators to be able to develop and lead learning programmes in COVID-compatible ways. All training resources created will remain freely available to the committee after the projects end. To have your say on how we can best help you- fill out our short survey here.

We hope you all will join us on this journey, and encourage you to share these opportunities with your networks!

- Tara Fagan