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About the Committee

The Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga Committe are:

Tara Fagan, Chair Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa   

Kate Devenny Aratoi Museum

Bex Cox Mercury Bay Museum

Laura Jones Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

The Association aims to connect education professionals in museums, galleries, environmental and other groups in the community learning space and provide support, advice, professional learning, and dialogue across the sector.  It works to:

advance the profile and work of educators in the community

lift professional capability in the sector through ongoing professional development, 

         networking events and conversations

develop and maintain a set of professional standards to encourage quality

         professional practice

ensure a high level of professional practice across our member organisation

Tu Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga aims to be free and not charge membership fees to ensure equitable access for all in the culture and heritage sector.

Our Name:


gifted by Les Hoerara

with input from Haley Stewart, Sam Hēnare and Martin Langdon


Pū - is the source of something or where something began

Tiaki - is to cherish and look after as in and with the use of ‘kaiTIAKItanga’

Mana Taonga - collectively covers all of our taonga, including all of the people who work there.

Pū Tiaki - where does the source of looking after something come from? It comes from people who care.

Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga - the group who is invested in looking after and cherishing ALL taonga under the education in the community brand.

Our Logo:

Designed by Martin Langdon and Les Hoerara

"The big feather are all of Te Pū Tiaki Mana taonga people and group, and the audiences and people we serve as the other floating feather."