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Art News in 2022-2023

The "East Rail Line.Fun Fun Art" Train Creation Project


Date: 2022

Venue: MTR Train

An MTR train featuring interiors designed by local artists and our VA students showcasing HK landmarks. The vibrant train is running along the East Rail line from this August until the end of 2022. We are delighted to have been invited to participate in this project and are delighted that our students' works are featured in this new piece of moving art!

F4-F5 VA Students

Students artworks exhibit in public / Art Workshop / Organizer: HKYAF

電影美術種子計劃 (中學篇)

Date: 11 & 24 Nov 2022

Venue: Jockey Club Ti-I College, Fotan

Ti-I Students

Art Exhibition / Organizer: Hong Kong Film Arts Association

The Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize, Hong Kong 2022

Date: 26 Oct - 9 Nov 2022

Venue: Central Market, Central

Chan Yin Lok (6B), her artwork - Knot in Love with my Village, was exhibited in Central Market for the first time with other finalists' artworks, which was a fantastic opportunity to show the work in such a vibrant setting.

Finalist: Chan Yin Lok (6B) 21-22 Graduates

The Road to the Baroque - Masterpieces from the Capodimonte Museum

Date: 25 Oct 2022

Venue: Hong Kong Museum of Art, Tsim Sha Tsui

F5 - HKDSE VA Students

Art Exhibition / Organizer: VA Department, JCTIC

PolyU Design Show 2022

Date: 5 & 6 Sept 2022

Venue: School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom

All senior form VA students visited PolyU Design show 2022. Our students have more understanding on the new scheme in PolyU design studies.

F4-F6 - HKDSE VA Students

Art Exhibition / Organizer: VA Department, JCTIC

My Stage Fashion Design Competition - Catwalk in The Space, D2 Plaza

Date: 19 Aug 2022

Venue: The Space, D2 Place ONE

F6 - HKDSE Students

Fashion show / Catwalk / Organizer: Good Morning Class

Art News in 2021-2022

Art Central

Date: 28 May 2022

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai

F4-F5 - HKDSE VA Students

Art Exhibition / Organizer: VA Department, JCTIC

"THINKING" - Graduation Class Visual Arts Exhibition 21/22

畢業班視覺藝術展覽 21/22 - 「諗傾」

Date: 2 June 2022 - July 2022

Venue: G/F Art Gallery, JCTIC

F6 - HKDSE VA Students

Art Exhibition / Organizer: F6 Graduation Class, JCTIC

Happy Green Campaign

「 減碳New Mission」戶外電箱設計創作比賽 - 榮獲季軍

Congratulations to Choi Yan Nim (1B), who was awarded the 1st Runner-up in the 「 減碳New Mission」戶外電箱設計創作比賽 (Outdoor Electric Box Design Competition organized by HK Electric.

1st Runner-up (Teen group): Choi Yan Nim (1B)

Winner in the "Stairways Reimagined" Public Space Installation Design Competition

樓梯變身!」公共空間裝置設計比賽 - 榮獲冠軍

Congratulations to our team from F4 VA group for winning the "Stairways Reimagined" Public Space Installation Design Competition. Our winning team will take the experiential workshops conducted by "Making on Loft" for producing and experimenting the installations at actual stairways. Their artwork will be exhibited in early 2022.

Members of the winning team: Qin Tsz Ching (4A), Shi Shun Ching (4A), Chan Cheuk Lam (4D), Chiu Tsz Lung (4E)

Design students achieved excellent results in Red Pocket Design Competition

利是封」設計比賽 - 榮獲佳績

Congratulations to our senior form design students who achieved excellent results in Red Pocket Design Competition, which is organised by Hong Kong Cultural and Creative Industrial.

1st Runner-up (Teen group): Shek Hiu Wan (4A)

Gold Award (Teen group): Chan Hiu Lam (4A)

Gold Award (Youth group): Shing Hei (5B)

KAO International Environment Painting Contest for Children


Congratulations to Liu Ho Yin (3A), who was awarded the eco together in the KAO International Environment Painting Contest for children organized by HK Electric.

It is an international competition. The theme of this year is “Let´s make our environment sustainable , Together!” . Think about what humans can do to protect the earth's environment and pass it on to the next generation, presenting ideas in painting.

eco together Award (花王賞) : Liu Ho Yin (3A)

Spreading the Christmas Cheers!

Date: 8 - 25 December 2021

Venue: G/F Open Area, JCTIC

A BIG christmas tree was set up throughout the Christmas time in school campus. Thanks to the students for the festive celebration pull up in school, the wonderful setup are the result of dedication, passion, collaboration and creativity by seven students. Take Photos! Cheer!

Art Celebration / Organizer: Design Team, JCTIC

Christmas Open House 2021 - Christmas Stories in the Ocean

幸福聖誕屋 2021 - 水形物語

Date: 11 - 25 December 2021

Venue: Carpark, JCTIC

Spreading joy through outdoor Arts!

"Christmas Stories in the Ocean" is the theme of our school's Christmas Open House events in 2021 and we want to spread the mesage to save the oceans while having fun among students and sharing images of happy moments with the public.

Art Celebration / Organizer: Comuni-arties, JCTIC and Powerhouse



Date: 3 December 2021

Venue: PMQ and Tai Kwan, Central area

VA department organized the annual Art Day for our senior form VA students. We walked along the street and spots around Central and Sheung Wan, discover the design, creative arts and the specific HK cultural on the street.

Art Tour & Docent / Organizer: VA Department, JCTIC

Jockey Club Project Silver - Intergenerational Arts Project

賽馬會「銀光一閃」跨代藝術計劃 及 展覽

Date: September - November 2021 / Exhibition: 26 October - 4 November 2021

Venue: JCTIC & G/F, Cityplaza South

Our students participated in the Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project, that promotes age inclusivity and creative ageing through the arts. Join us to find out more and see the resulting artworks and performance videos at our free exhibition at Cityplaza South from 26 October to 4 November.

F4 - HKDSE VA Students

Students artworks exhibit in public / Art Workshop / Organizer: HKYAF

MuseTeens: The 15th Youth Leadership Scheme Sharing

文化新人類」青年領袖計劃 - 分享會

Date: 6 October 2021

Venue: School Hall, JCTIC

Chan Yin Lok (6B):

"I am grateful to have been given this precious opportunity to participate in the MuseTeens Program. It allowed me to learn about the Museum's work, and to learn more about Hong Kong culture through different workshops and lectures. It gave me new values regarding arts and culture. And it has also encouraged me to pursue arts and culture as my future career and to develop my knowledge of the arts in general."

F1 - F3 VA Major and Minor Students

VA student sharing / Organizer: VA Department, JCTIC

We Here: Junior Form Art Exhibition

We Here: 初中藝術作品展覽

Date: 14 -18 October 2021

Venue: Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)

The Visual Arts Department is pleased to present the "We Here: Junior Form Visual Arts Exhibition", which will be held from 15th to 19th Oct, 2021 at the central courtyard of JCCAC, Shek Kip Mei.

The exhibition showcases the artworks created by Ti-I Junior Form students over the years. We invite all of you to visit, and see the innovative works created by our young artists.

Students artworks exhibit in public / Co-Organizer: Studio Fontaine

Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals 2021 - Lantern Exhibition

辛丑年 (2021) 中秋綵燈會 - 學生綵燈展覽

Date: 17 - 22 September 2021

Venue: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay

F2 VA students experienced and developed new ideas in lantern creation base on the tradition paper craft techniques. Ten outstanding lanterns were selected and exhibited in the Latern Carnivals 2021 in the Victoria Park. The lanterns illuminate the city, both locals and tourists to sample the festive atmosphere and to appreciate the art of traditional lantern making.

Students artworks exhibit in public / Organizer: LCSD

Art News in 2020-2021

South China Morning Post - Student of the Year Awards 20-21: Visual Artist

Congratulations to Lee Yee Man (Class 6F of 2021) for being the 1st runner-up for the Student of the Year - Visual Artist. The award is co-organized by the South China Morning Post and The Hong Kong Jockey Club. It is an award to honor students with a high standard of achievement in their artistic endeavors. We also congratulate Fong Ho Yiu (Class 4D of 2021) for being shortlisted for the same award.

1st Runner-up: Lee Yee Man (Class 6F of 2021)

Shortlised: Fong Ho Yiu (Class 4D of 2021)