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Boulder Lifestyle: Answering the Call to Rewild by Kailey Beuerlein, April 2023

Excerpt: As one of the producers of the film, The Serious Type has sponsored fundraisers that have benefitted the Oniya Bison Rewilding Project, along with local artists, organizations and Indigenous people. “But most importantly, by supporting an initiative that doesn’t pull resources from the ground or the air or the water as we’ve done for centuries - but rather restores the land in a natural, organic way - we are using the inherent tools granted to us to heal ourselves,” says Nikki. 


The Aspen Times: Redstone Inn debuts local’s novel, ‘The Middle World,’ performed by Marble Charter School students by Julie Bielenberg, April 15, 2023

Excerpt: “All the stars seemed to align perfectly for my novel ‘The Middle World: Book One’ (published in 2016) to transform into a play. I absolutely love the collaborative process, and this project allowed for it to unfold organically.” Beinstein said. “Oriana Moebius of 13 Moons Ranch and the Redstone General Store graciously commissioned her friend Alexandria Basso to write the script during the fall of 2022.”

Basso and Beinstein connected immediately, and combined with Basso’s in-depth experience of reading scripts for a Hollywood production company, she was the ideal fit to reimagine the story for the stage, Beinstein said.

“Bringing The Middle World to the stage has been such an inspired and humbling collaboration of so many devoted, creative female minds,” Basso said. “I can’t wait to see the final product come to life in the community and backdrop that inspired it.”


The Sopris Sun: Historic Fantasy comes to life in Redstone by Myki Jones, April 19, 2023

Excerpt: The night of April 15 was a packed show with standing-room only. While the students were a tad nervous, they had amazing chemistry and a way of bringing depth to the characters.

Debuting the play in its early stages at The Redstone Inn added a layer of honoring the history of those who founded Redstone — a perfect beginning for turning the show into a full production. Dialogue among the canonically young characters was quick-witted, sharp, engaging and entertaining.

The way topics like death and divorce were portrayed was touching, tragic and yet digestible enough for younger audience members. The story is informative and interesting spoken aloud, but the true depths of the stories will become much more clear when the show makes its full-scale stage debut.


KNDK RadioLocal author's work comes to life on stage with the help of MCS students by Hattison Rensberry, April 14, 2023 (recording)


The Crystal Valley Echo / The Marble Times: Marble Charter School Brings History to Life with The Middle World by Melissa Sidelinger (see photos below), May 2023


The Sopris Sun, Bison lead the way with "A Call to Rewild," by Jeanne Souldern, September 7, 2022

Excerpt: The event sponsor is The Serious Type, founded by Nikki Beinstein about two years ago. The nonprofit’s mission is “empowering youth to express themselves to increase their overall mental health and sustainability of the planet.”

Beinstein drew inspiration from last fall’s Convergent Circus, held at 13 Moons Ranch, and reached out to Oriana Moebius. She and her husband, Tyler, “act as stewards” of the ranch property located at the base of Mt. Sopris. 

Also a teacher at the Marble Charter School, Beinstein was looking for an opportunity to involve youth in a community festival and heard of Shaehan’s efforts with the Oniya Bison Rewilding Project. The three women connected, combining their grassroots activism and community organizing talents to create an event. In addition to raising funds, it aims to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of reintroducing bison herds to areas with nutrient-depleted soil. 


The Aspen Times, To support youth mental health in the Roaring Fork Valley, organizers look to the internet: Organizers hope for a “ripple effect” from outreach to younger audiences by Kaya Williams, October 24, 2021

Excerpt: “For me, the mental health aspect kind of goes hand in hand with the sustainability (aspect) and being able to express themselves fully,” Beinstein said. “And once they can express themselves and connect with each other on a deeper, deeper level, then I believe they can really start to make true change and difference in the world. … This was one of the solutions to help kids to find their purpose, finally, connect at a deeper level, and then they could really begin to shift the culture in a real sustainable way.”


The Sopris Sun, Our Town - An educator to the core by Roberta McGowan, December 3, 2020