Ongoing Projects

Currently in Development

Children’s illustrated book entitled Bison Oniya with Words by Nikki Beinstein + Illustrations by Elizabeth Argüello

Social Media takeover by Aziz Muhammed from Ghana (1 month, beginning July 2023): perspective of youth empowerment + self-expression, sustainability + storytelling on his communal land, which he calls The Land of Peace

Film entitled Rewild Our Soul about the return of the Bison to the American Plains + Tara Sheahan's Oniya Bison Rewilding Project based in La Jara, Colorado with Cinematography + Direction by Anders Carlson

Redesign of the website with the nonprofit Tech Fleet in order to continue publishing stories + serious work by youth from around the world as well as allow users + readers to connect, communicate and collaborate with one another

Research + writing of Book Two for the historical novel/magical realism series The Middle World starring local Carbondale historical figures Oscar and Hattie (Thompson) Holland, Story + Words by Nikki Beinstein

Collaboration between a local K-8 school + nonprofit to bring freight farming to their community, integrating multi-disciplinary education into the curriculum

Please contact if you want to learn more about and/or invest in any of these initiatives. 

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