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Accommodation school check List

Accommodation school check List - This anonymous questionnaire is designed to determine teacher attitudes toward accommodating students with learning disabilities. Place a check in the column that best describes your feelings.

1. Allow extended time to complete projects, term papers, book reports, etc.



Don't Know

2. Allow extended time to complete a test.

3. Allow student to dictate test answers.

4. Allow the test to be read to the student.

5. Allow the test to be taken with the learning disabilities/resource teacher.

6. Allow the student to give oral answers to essay questions.

7. Allow misspelling and grammar errors and grade the content.

8. Allow a pocket calculator to assist with basic calculations while student learns higher level math concepts.

9. Allow student to count on fingers while doing math and or sub vocalize while reading.

10. Allow student to do an alternate assignment in his area of strength ( over the same material).

11. Allow partial credit if the student's procedures were correct, but the final was incorrect due to errors in computations.

12. Allow rephrasing of test questions.

13. Give the student a copy of your notes.

14. Give the student a written copy of homework instructions.

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