P-Tech Designation Website

Polytechnic High School has received the PTECH Planning Grant. Our School will open our doors in the 2020-2021 school year as a Pathways in Technology. This program evolution will enhance our current program by working with industry partners to offer work-based experiences at all grade levels, opportunities to earn industry certifications and academic degrees in the field of Education. Please look at the attachments on this page for more information or call the school for further details.

Benchmark 2 - Target Population

1- Written admission policy and enrollment application.

A. Written Admission Policy

B. Enrollment Application

2- The written recruitment plan includes a timeline of recruitment and enrollment events, and recruitment materials for distribution at feeder schools and other appropriate locations in the community.

A. Polytechnic High School P-Tech Recruitment Plan

3- Brochures and marketing in Spanish, English, and/or other relevant language(s). Materials and marketing materials will be updated.

A. Recruitment Brochure (English)

B. Recruitment Brochure (Spanish)

C. P-TECH Recruitment Chart (English)

D. P-TECH Recruitment Chart (Spanish)

4- Written communication plan for targeting identified audiences, parents, community members, school board, higher education personnel, etc.

A. Written Communication Plan for Targeted Identified Audiences

Benchmark 3 - Strategic Alliances

1- Meeting agendas and minutes, with action items and decision logs.

A. Advisory Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2- Final signed and executed MOU with industry partner/business (Campuses must submit their final signed MOU to TEA when initially applying for designation or are provisionally designated).

A. MOU - FWISD and Polytechnic HS

B. Amendment/ Extention letter

3- Final signed and executed articulation agreement with IHE (Campuses must submit their final signed MOU to TEA when initially applying for designation or are provisionally designated).

A. MOU - UNT and Polytechnic HS

B. MOU - TCCCD and Polytechnic HS

4- A list of strategic partners with each member's organization, title, and role in providing work-based learning for students by grade level.

A. Strategic Partners, Work-Based Learning Matrix Grades 9-12

Benchmark 4 -Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

1- Four Year Crosswalk document

A. P-Tech Education Academy Crosswalk document

2- Master Schedule list of courses

A. Master schedule list of course times and periods

3- Curriculum Alignment Documents

A. Curriculum Alignment Chart FWISD to TCCCD

B. Curriculum Alignment Dual Credit - Polytechnic extra courses alignment

4- Testing calendar and schedule for TSI, ACT, SAT, or other assessments

A. Polytechnic HS Collegiate Testing Calendar

B. District Assessment Schedule

5- Documentation detailing a minimum of three courses of study examples that outline student pathways from high school, to associate degrees, to work credentials, and beyond.

A. TEA Teaching and Training Career Cluster Pathway

B. UNT P-Tech Pathway from HS to Associates of Arts to Bachelors Degree

C. TCCCD Associates of the Arts in Teaching degree plan

Benchmark 5 - Work-Based Learning (coming soon)

1- Documentation of appropriate work-based learning experiences for students at all grade levels. (Will be updated as soon as guidance is provided from the district due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

A. Work-Based Learning Experiences for all Grade Levels

2- Current dated regional high demand occupation list

A. Current dated regional high demand occupation list

3- Aggregate data describing student participation in work-based learning experiences as well as the percentage of students earning industry certification and credentials by type

A. Work-Based Learning Certifications and Credentials by type

4- Samples of student artifacts such as writings, portfolios, presentations, or links to digital content (Collecting artifacts 2022-2023 School year)

A. Student Artifact 1

B. Student Artifact 2

C. Student Artifact 3

D. Student Artifact 4

Benchmark 6 - Student Support

1- Bridge program calendar and curricula

A. Summer Bridge Calendar and Curricula Matrix

2. Tutoring and other intervention/remediation program plan and schedules

A. Polytechnic tutoring and remediation plan

3. Calendar of family outreach events

A. Polytechnic High School P-Tech Family outreach Plan

4. Schedule of regularly scheduled counseling/advisory events and records of completion for these support services

A. Counseling/advisory events