Tips and Other Sundry Things for Those of Us Stuck@Home

What On Earth Am I Going To Do Now? Brush the Cat???

Admittedly, we talk up working from home a lot... It is an integral part of our Work from Anywhere mission but occasionally we do get Bored; Bored; Bored.

So-o-o-o, I thought I would add a page to our website concerning this conundrum. (Something to do, anyway.)

  1. "Use your head besides something to keep your ears apart". This was my dad's response every time I was staring off into space and drooling, probably both at the same time. Another one of his was "You have to earn your good times." I guess watching daytime television or the 24 hour news cycle doesn't cut it. RESULT: Business is slower now. The phone isn't constantly ringing. (Too bad the emails don't stop.) I have time to stretch my brain so I learn stuff. Always plenty of that around. Especially when you hang around with Google for work.

  2. You may have noticed that my wife and I live in a very pretty place without a lot of noisy people around to harass us local wildlife. I have thousands of pictures of the place mostly without people in them. I can always take more. No corona-virus where there ain't no people and I tend to avoid bats anyway. My kid lives in Milwaukee. (I know, poor him.) He and his daughter called me this week as they were walking the lake shore. There is even a quiet, empty place down there in that congestion. I am sure you could find somewhere to spend a few peaceful, quiet moments.... Alone.

  3. Speaking of kids, Call them. Or better yet do a web meeting or a video call. One of the items on my To-Do list is to get more proficient with Google Duo. It is pretty easy to use but you should probably brush your hair and get out of your jammies first. That is always my problem. I struggle with being presentable most of the time. No need to promote it.

  4. Help your company not go broke. These are very hard times for small business especially with all the Fortune 500 corporations hogging the payroll incentive money. Really work from home. Yes, I know it is difficult but just do the best you can. Please.


After 6 months stuck in the middle of the enhanced onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution culminating in Covid, I am finally, almost getting bored. Admittedly, I am training on products for this new world all of the time. I also have backed out of a lot of local, wired, network support. I don't find "servers" interesting or of use going forward. Learning is mostly really fun. I now have 4k video experience - still learning there. (There are videos on Taylor County Libertarian Facebook page)

I resurrected my photography work. (This Old Crow )

I am impatiently waiting for StarLink as I tune my Web Meeting skills.