TCR Culture

Meet the Management Team of TCR Solutions, LLC!


a.k.a. ThunderPaws the Fairy Pony

Duke & Ruby

The TCR store cats, hard at work.


Sometimes known as"Twinkie", though he thinks references to his garbage-eating are grossly unfair.

The others who just happen to work here . . .

Tom Rasmussen

Tom, toying with the pirate look after a recent eye surgery, an experience he described as "stony, fascinating, stupendous!" The face looming on the screen behind him is TCR Larry, the sweet black lab that was Tom's canine grounding for the six years he lived among us after coming from the Humane Society. The image on the screen to Tom's left has to do with a polar exploration, or as Tom puts it "white men dying stupidly".

Sally Rasmussen

Sally at a pagan funeral. No, really. Her sister-in-law had an affiliation with the local pagan community, so when she died Sally saw an opportunity to wear the dangly feather hair-thing. Because, why not? This picture was probably taken when Sally's sister was pointing out that their brother and Tom had decided to be seated on the other side of a bush. This is their usual mode at family gatherings, and the women were amused at their expense.

Our Story

Tom discovered the place he was meant to live in 1973, and spent the next twenty-six years finding a way to get there, acquiring a piece of property bordering the Chequamegon Forest in 1986 and finally being able to build a home on it in 1999. He founded TCR Solutions in 2000 and found his partner in life and business in 2009 when he married Sally.

TCR is dedicated to helping business owners to successfully manage the demands of “New Work”: the need to be able to work from any place and any device; the need to collaborate efficiently with team members in various locations; the need to have data both secure and accessible; the need to control the IT budget.

There’s a bias out there against all things rural. We get that. We know that the place we love is thought of as “fly-over country” and that other folks like to think they’ve somehow left us behind. Used to be, that was almost true. But in the age of New Work a single keystroke brings companies that do work in beautiful places into competition with those who do everything in the confines of a city.

That’s the promise and the peril of our time -- get your technology up to date, and you can work from anywhere. Try to work in the last century and the whole world will leave you behind. Call us today to explore your options for the future of your business.

Guest Blog: Kim "Quill" Frank

Kimberly is a dear friend of Tom and Sally's, as well as being an amazing independent contractor who provides digital marketing services to business clients. This picture was taken when she only had two children. Behold the unlined and worry-free expression! All five of her children are frequent and welcome visitors to TCR when their Mom is working on site.

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