Rural High Speed Internet

From a Building

There are times when the mobile data user just requires a building. In Rural America that can be problematic. It would cost a lot of money to get fiber to my home in the Town of Molitor Wisconsin. I cannot blame the telecoms. It is our choice to live where we live. Our home is a couple miles beyond rural route mail delivery. There are more wolves and bears than people here which is fine with my wife and I.

There used to be little one could do about Internet Connectivity beyond Cell Boosting here. Cell boosting is what TCR Solutions has attempted for the past 10 years with varying degrees of success at this location. However, that has now changed with StarLink, ( the Near Earth Orbit rural connectivity solution from SpaceX. We have successfully run on StarLink at our office in beta in Medford for going on 2 years now. We now have a gen 2 version at home with a month under its belt. We are currently working on satellite placement among the large maples on our property. The one caveat that StarLink shares with Gestational satellite systems is Clear Sky which is mandatory. But I think I have it properly located where the obstructions will be minimal when the leave are in full bloom. Note that I have placed the antenna on a mast in order to get the height necessary to get above the tree line. I had installed it on the peak of the roof but my concerns about placement made me opt for the antenna with a 10 ft mast. If I get too many obstructions I can extend the mast. So far I have had no significant issues. I will post video on this subject and others later.

About Direct Sales

There is currently no dealer network. This means that the entirety of the installation and support is on the purchaser. Be aware that the installation is not that difficult for the mechanically inclined but.....

Note the Obstructions message

Ping: 55 ms

Download: 46.93 mbps

Upload 23.83 mbps

The download speeds can be as high as 150 mbps. Uploads are rarely above 23 mbps. Latency (ping) is very important. 55 ms is average for StarLink. Geostational system can run 600 ms.

About the Standard User Interface

Although you can interact with the modem via an IP address, the standard and most user friendly interface is via a smart phone. An application is available for both Android and iPhone. It does take some getting used to. All of the installation and support information is there. There is very little paper instructions beyond the rudimentary how to plug in the pieces.