Working From Home

in the NorthWoods

TCR Solutions has been focused on equipping people to work from home for years. If your business needs to make this work, give us a call: 715-748-5884.

What We Do

TCR Solutions works with Google Workspace to equip workers to share and edit documents, share calendars, send email and conduct web meetings, along with multiple other tasks. Every employee can do this work with any device and from any location. All data is automatically saved offsite.


  • You will probably not need to invest in extra equipment, as G Suite is designed to work from any device, any location.

  • G Suite is simple to set up, therefore the labor charges to get you going are minimal.

  • The monthly cost for basic access is $8.25 per user.

  • Once you are established with a cloud-based platform like G Suite, you may find that your IT budget actually lessens with the diminished need to maintain legacy hardware and other obsolete technology.

Interesting time, eh?? So, how does your small business stay alive?

  • Millions of people are using G Suite. Almost none of them are rocket scientists.

  • Tom is highly trained by Google in G Suite support and will take care of the techie parts of getting your business set up for remote work.

  • Tom can train and coach your team remotely to help them understand how to share and edit documents, share calendars, use internal email and conduct web meetings.

  • When you see the greater efficiency, security and potential for saving on the IT budget, you will wonder why you waited for a global crisis to get this transition done.

It isn't Hard to Survive and it Will get Easier

1st: Use your Wits.

2nd: Let TCR SOLUTIONS help you to use G Suite on Chrome OS or Windows.

Times of crisis are frightening. They are also a time to take advantage of the necessity that is put upon us and make of it an opportunity to learn a new way. We have seen the grit of small business owners. We are proud to be one of them and to work with them. This is our time in rural America to grasp the moment, to adapt, to refuse to be discounted.

The BunkHouse

The Bunkhouse at 6 months (fall 2021). Note the absence of windows. Just in time economics at work.