Virus and Malware Protection

Protect Your Business!

If work takes you online, you're doing business in a rough neighborhood!

  • Half of the calls we take at TCR have to do with cybercrime: viruses, malware, trojans, etc.
  • It doesn't matter if you only go to "good" sites, or only go online to get e-mail -- the crooks are everywhere.
  • A single employee being careless can expose your entire network to the theft, corruption, and loss of all your data.
  • While no single anti-virus or malware protection can prevent all intrusion -- the crooks are working 24/7 to get around the defenses -- the solutions we provide are updated whenever you go online, so that the protection is the best available.

What is your defense?

  • AVG Cloudcare is the anti-virus protection that we use ourselves and that we recommend to all our clients.
  • For clients with especially sensitive data, such as medical clinics and insurance companies, we recommend the extra layer of protection found in Malwarebytes.
  • What about the free stuff? These are generally one-time installs that may be good for the threats that are out there the day they are put in. Our products are updated for you when you go online, to keep you protected from what is out there now.

Call on TCR for the resources you need to protect your business!

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