Google Chrome OS

The Tech of Business

Boris Johnson stated as Mayor of London in 2010 that he can do a lot of different things as mayor but he cannot "un-invent things". That said, technology will continue to move forward. Sometimes it will proceed artfully but mostly it lurches forward sometimes utterly without any grace.

Tech Done Right

Chrome OS, born of the 21st century, is the evolving consensus of Google's perspective that Speed, Simplicity, and Security continues to be the Future of Business in the Workplace. Possibly even done with a little bit of Grace.

TCR Solutions Credentials: G suites, Android, Chrome OS

Here is where the rubber meets the road.

Chrome devices are safe, ridiculously easy to maintain, and inexpensive to purchase but how well do they do operating in a mixed hardware environment connecting to older, server based proprietary software??


Much better than you would think. And you are not alone when you have TCR Solutions in your corner.