Google and You

How Can Google Help Your Business?

  • Google G Suite can help if you want to collaborate on documents, share calendars, send e-mails and set up meetings from any device or location.
  • It can help if you have concerns about the cost and security of your IT.
  • It can help if you feel a need to modernize and streamline your business.
  • It can help if you want to be able to easily create and manage your own websites or conduct video meetings of the time and place of your choosing.


An honest short 10 minute comparison of G Suites and Office 365 by a pretty cool guy.

Christoph Magnussen

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Five million businesses have "gone Google". Here are the stories of a few of them.

Note: "Google Apps" is the previous name for "G Suites".

TCR Solutions is proud to offer G Suite to our customers.

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