Tavistock College

Your Guide To KS4 Options 

For Students, Parents and Carers

Tristan Muller-Forster

Tavistock College Principal

There are many milestones that you will have in both your young and adult lives that you will look back on as potentially challenging but most of all a time of opportunity. I genuinely believe that this is such a milestone. The opportunity to start to sculpt your learning is one that should be taken seriously. We do, that is why we have put such time and expertise in supporting you to make the right decisions for you as individuals.

I hope that the information within this document, that you will see on our options evening, that you will get to talk about in your information and guidance meetings will enable you to make informed decisions that you will one day look back on as one of the first opportunities to shape your own futures.

All the way through this process there are trusted adults that will be able to support, guide and challenge you to make the right decision, for you as a learner, as an individual and as a young adult taking their next steps in their education. After all, we are working together to ensure all can succeed in their options process and next steps.