About Tangimoana School

We swim in the river

We go fishing

We help at tour local Reserve

Tangimoana School is a state co-educational, full primary school, delivering education to students from Year 0 – Year 8. We have started 2020 with 21 pupils ranging from Y1 to Y8 , (now 23 pupils) which makes education provision here both personal, relational and more individualised. We are expecting 2 new 5 year olds to enrol throughout this year.

We are situated in Tangimoana Village at the mouth of the Rangitikei River on the west coast of the North Island, New Zealand. We are 38km west from the nearest city, Palmerston North which provides secondary schools and shopping services.

Children at the school enjoy some unique advantages because of its location. With the beach and river only 1km from the school, there is ample opportunity to extend learning within our local reserves, beach and river. We have done a clean up at the local Ellison Reserve and had a whole school fishing morning down the road from the school. Tangimoana is a school where kids can be kids.

We allow our school hedge to be climbed and explored and scooters and bikes are ridden around the grounds every day.

In 2019 our wonderful community and parents got together and built a BMX track.

We are a 1:1 device school with the Tangimoana School Board of Trustees providing Apple Ipads for each Y0-3 pupil and Google Chromebooks/Lenovo Yoga Education Laptops for each Y4-8 pupil to enhance their learning and to use daily in the classroom. We were the 2018 national winners of the Energising Young Minds Competition winning $25,000 worth of technological equipment for our school!

Upcoming events for 2020 include: Our annual camp, Genius Hour aka Discovery Time, B.E.A.C.H Time projects, Science Roadshow visit and much, much more...

Our school whakataukī is: 'He kahawai kei āku ringa' translating directly into English means: 'A kahawai in my hands'. This whakatauki is said by a person who can use his or her abilities/resources to create success.

Visits to Tangimoana School are welcome anytime. Please contact the principal, Ms Trudy Pankhurst to arrange a visit on 06 324-8465 or email: principal@tangimoana.school.nz

Celebrate Matariki with a Hangi for the community

We have two classrooms