B.E.A.C.H. Virtues

Celebrating Success @ Tangimoana

At Tangimoana School we celebrate being so near the beach and the river. We also promote and nurture our 5 virtues of showing or being:






Each Friday we celebrate children in two ways.

Firstly we celebrate those who display the B.E.A.C.H virtues. When spotted by staff, children are given virtue tickets every time they display one of the virtues. They put their name on it and put it into the post box outside the office. Over the week children earn them and collect them - depending on what they are spotted doing, children can earn numerous virtues each week! Each Friday during school singing two names are drawn from the box and whoever it is gets to do the 'Tangimoana Roll'. A range of different prizes are on the Tangimoana Roll dice and whichever one comes up is the prize they have won. Along with the prize, each child wins a Duffy book and certificate to take home.

A second way children are celebrated at the school is when a Duffy book and certificate is awarded each week to two children who have shown exceptional effort or achievement in a particular area of their learning. They choose their own book from the stash in Mr Niwa's office!

At Tangimoana School we celebrate success and achievement in a variety of ways! See our newsletter to read about who our winners are each week.