Let's meet at Robo Kshetra

OCTOBER 25 - 26 , 2021

Registration for the event is closed.

Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- only

About Navyantram

Welcome to the most electrifying competition and robotics event "NAVYANTRAM" at Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore. NAVYANTRAM is the most spectacular robotics event and competition at various levels. The mission of National Robotics is simple. It inspires students in robotics and STEM related fields, and share the excitement of robotics across all ages. Activities come in all shapes and sizes from a robot block party, to university open house, or a robotics competition. Enjoy by participating and witnessing craziest and brainstorming events.


After the astonishing beginning of the competition in 2019 and the grand success in 2020 and March 2021, we are all set and ready again for the 4th time with more zeal and zest. This vibrant event unfolds many hair-raising opportunities like never before.

Due to COVID-19, This year again the events shall be conducted in online mode. The competition is open for both School and College students. The Event shall held on 25th - 26th October, 2021. In the last Navyantram we received 200 registrations from 9 different states. Out of these 56 shortlisted teams competed in the Final round.

Themes for College Students

  • Robo Sprint

  • Line Follower

  • Robo-Race

  • Pick and Place

  • Innovative Bots

Themes for School Students

  • Robo Sprint

  • Line follower

  • Robo-Race

  • Innovative Bots

Design a fastest and most balanced Robot that can build unlimited momentum.

Design an autonomous wireless robot, capable of racing on a track following a black line on a white background in the shortest period of time.

Explore more by last event sample video

Design a robot either wired or wireless within the specified dimensions that can be operated manually and travel through all turns of the track in minimum amount of time.

Explore more by last event sample video

Robo Race Blue print for Navyantram 4.0

Design a robot to pick an object and place it to the required position in specified amount of time.

Explore more by last event sample video

Any robot with that performs any task which generates general excitement and makes human life easier using electronic and mechanical devices and structures can be presented.

Faculty Coordinators

Prof. Sandeep Kumar Jain

+91 98769 96090

Prof. Lalit Bhanwrela

+91 89827 74002

Student Coordinators

Mr. Dheeraj Joshi

+91 89824 53496

Mr. Sankalp Tiwari

+91 80851 59547

Mr. Rahul Mishra

+91 85180 20062

Mr. Rishabh Jain

+91 96855 20646