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In the course of the year we organize a number of events like e.g. visits to theatres and song performances, ski trips, hiking tours, visits to a wine tavern “Heuriger”, Lucia light festival. This creates an opportunity for the Community to interchange between each other.

There are many possibilities for parents to participate in the school community. There is e.g. an active parents association named „Social Group“ which organizes fundraising and events for the school. We are very proud of the numerous initiatives launched by our parents association in the course of the year.

All parents or family members who would like to participate in the „Social Group“ are cordially invited to join in.

Our location in Grinzing (19th district) is ideal for children whose parents work in centre of Vienna but wish for a quiet and green environment for their children. Many Swedish families have relocated to Grinzing and the neighbouring districts creating thus a community that meets regularly for picnics and celebrations.

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