The Swedish School is governed by a board of directors which consist of parents with passion and experience to help the school fulfill its goals while abiding to our bylaws.

The boards tasks include proposing a yearly budget, perform a monthly financial follow-up, identify and prioritise needed projects, setting long-term goals and pro-actively support the school’s administration.

Other than holding monthly meetings the board is also responsible for the calling of the annual general and economic meetings. That is when all our members of the Swedish School meet and elect board members and vote on the proposed budget for the coming year.

Board Members:

Cecilia Zechner - Chairpersin

Viktoria Anderle - Vice Chairperson

Stefan Fallenius- Cashier

Katharina Herdenfeldt - Member

Andrea Norbert - Member

Johnny Abi-Haidar - Alternate

Tua Tegern - Alternate

The alternate enter when the ordinary members can not attend

Swedish National Agency for Education representative

Vacant - Swedish National Agency for Education representative

Members without voting rights

Susanne Hiort - Principal

Ulrika Göthlin - Administrator

Vanda Hadzic - Staff representative


Veronika Ruthensteiner

Monika Ryglewska