As most of you know, charter schools in NH are underfunded public schools.  SVCS receives per pupil funding from State property taxes but no money comes from local tax dollars.  This is the opposite of traditional public schools where the majority of the funding comes from the local tax base and a small portion comes from State property tax.

All State authorized charter schools in NH (this includes SVCS) receive $7,188.78 per pupil per year from the State to educate each student.  This is simply not enough to run any school.

Here are some examples of costs per pupil for schools of similar size around the state.  Most of this money comes from local tax dollars, not State property tax.  These amounts do not include transportation.

These funding differences are why SVCS asks so much from its parents and staff in terms of donations of time, money and items.  Unfortunately, this is why nearly all donations go toward running the school and not special projects. 

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For tax purposes, our organization has 501(c)(3) status. Our tax ID # is 20-4802176.