About Us

The Surry Village Charter School is a state-authorized open enrollment charter school.  If there are spaces available, any child living in the state can attend the school at no cost.  Our classrooms are multi-age, except for Kindergarten.  Classroom configurations are; kindergarten, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th , 5th/6ht, 7th/8th.  We are located on two campuses: K-4th in Surry, 5th-8th in Keene.  Approximately 90 students attend SVCS.


The Mission of the Surry Village Charter School is to be a project-based school that provides an engaging and challenging education.


Community, Empathy and Perseverance.


A village school offers students a crucial sense of connection and belonging that enables them to thrive. As part of a community, students learn to negotiate conflicts, tolerate differences, and see the value in service. Within the village context, where intergenerational role models frequent each classroom to teach practical skills, students grasp the relevance of their learning. Curiosity and in-depth exploration arise naturally as teachers, parents, townspeople, and students work and celebrate together. We prepare our students to be engaged citizens who become part of the fabric of a community, whether it is this one or one halfway around the world.

"There is a desperate need in society for children to learn common sense, to learn the value of people helping people. Small-town America built this country, and small-town America is going to hold it together. We need kids who know how to take care of themselves, and one another, in ways that have been lost in many places." John Davis-SVCS Founding Member


The teachers and staff 'get' my child and what he needs and the strategies seem to be working.  His dad and I were really impressed with the science fair projects for all the kids, and how far our child has come academically and developmentally.  It's remarkable.

What a treat! You have an exceptional school.

I can't tell you what a joy it is to see (my son) so enthusiastic about school.  Each evening he tells us about what he's learned during the day, and marvels at the freedoms, opportunities, and kindnesses that surround him at school.  We haven't heard the word "awesome" so often since he spent a week away at a camp this Summer.  He rises in the morning without prompting or complaint, eager for the day ahead.... I'm so grateful to all of you for making learning a nurturing experience again.

Thank you all for creating the magic.

(My son) is so excited to come back to school, the first time ever he is excited to return to school! Thank you guys so much for the wonderful experience and care you gave him to make him feel happy enough to return!


The Surry Village Charter School education is supported by three "pillars" which create a unique and exciting learning environment:

Project-based learning: Students are engaged in real-world problem-solving with practical applications. Teachers design multi-week projects that connect knowledge across subject areas and provide intrinsic motivation for academic skill-building. Students pursue important solutions in small collaborative groups, developing competency, self-confidence, and a remarkable depth of understanding.

Community Involvement (Place-based learning): Connection to the local community increases our students’ sense of belonging and citizenship. SVCS has resurrected the annual pancake breakfast, welcomed town elders into classrooms to read with young students, worked with local farmers, utilized the town library on a weekly basis, taken responsibility for picking up trash along village roads.

Social curriculum: Students are exposed to a daily routine that builds community, creates a positive climate for learning, and reinforces academic and social skills. Teachers take the time to allow students to resolve conflict on their own and take responsibility for their learning.