Ms McAdams Art Room

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Welcome to Ms McAdam's art room website. Our room is located at North Dearborn Elementary in South-Eastern Indiana. In our room we like fun and learning to collide. We enjoy learning about artists, careers in art, different mediums, and much more. Explore our site to see what we are up to and learn more about art.

5th Grade Sculpture Project

Each year the fifth grade students study sculpture and have an opportunity to create a sculpture of their own. This project can be done in class, at home, or a combination of both. Students will be given a minimum of 3 art classes to brainstorm and work.

**Below are the specifications encase your child may have lost theirs.

5th Grade Sculpture Project.docx

Here are some links to some famous artists that use only one item for their sculptures. These are fascinating to see and might give you some inspiration. (Just click on the artist name below)

Federico Uribe (Uses bullet casings, books, colored pencils, and more)

Augusto Esquivel (Uses buttons)

Maurizio Savini (Uses bubble gum)

Jennifer Mastre (Uses colored pencils)

Nathan Sawaya (Uses Lego bricks)

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