Ms McAdams Art Room

ANNOUNCEMENT(S): I just released the September edition of ART ROOM NEWS!!

Welcome to Ms McAdam's art room website. Our room is located at North Dearborn Elementary in South-Eastern Indiana. In our room we like fun and learning to collide. We enjoy learning about artists, careers in art, different mediums, and much more. Explore our site to see what we are up to and learn more about art.


North Dearborn Elementary School is excited to host a new local attraction featuring professional art work from many tri-state artists.

In our Indiana visual art curriculum we are required to teach about local artists and their art. As the art teacher here at NDES, I am looking for ways to do this more effectively. Budgeting and scheduling doesn’t always allow for us to have speakers come in. My idea was to have a wall designated to community (tri-state) artists in our school building. Each artist that agrees to participate will be given a 12in x 16in canvas to create a piece of art on. This piece must be school appropriate but completely up to them as to what it looks like. Each artist will be asked to write a one-paragraph biography and provide a title for their art that will be on a plaque with their piece. We will have an opening ceremony that all the artists and the community will be invited to toward the end of the school year (date TBA). These pieces of artwork will hang in the hallway and will be used as an educational tool for many years to come.

If you know of any local artists that live in our tri-state area please have them contact me or forward their information to me ASAP.

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During the 2017-2018 school year we hid over 1,000 of our own #NDESROCKS in the Dearborn County area :) Keep an eye out for these beautiful rocks in your neighborhoods.

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