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Who We Are

By Design is the Home Education program with Summit West Independent School.  Our team of facilitators are not only Alberta certificated teachers, but are also experienced home education parents.  We have a deep understanding of the joys and challenges of home education, and are truly passionate about supporting our families.

Our Philosophy

At By Design we believe authentic learning happens through freedom of exploration and passion in everyday creativity. 

Our Mission

Providing opportunity, support and empowerment to those who seek an organic, flexible, passion driven learning environment where young learners can follow their interests in an inclusive, non-judgmental way that leads to confident life-long learners.

What We Value

Leading with integrity and empowering confident, unique thinkers.


 Meet Our By Design Facilitators

Congratulations on Your Retirement Elizabeth!

After 24 years of dedication to home learning, countless families supported and empowered on this journey, Elizabeth has announced her retirement. We at By Design wish her all the best in her future pursuits and hope for many wonderful garden adventures at her home in nature. She will be missed by many and her legacy will continue with those of us that had the pleasure of her mentorship, guidance and authentic love of this work.

Home Education Teacher/Facilitator B.Ed.


Home Education Teacher/Facilitator B.Ed.


Home Education Teacher/Facilitator B.Ed., E.C.E


Home Education Teacher/Facilitator B.Ed.


Home Education Teacher/Facilitator B.Ed.


Home Education Teacher/Facilitator BA, MA, B.Ed.


Home Education Teacher/Facilitator BA, B.Ed.


Meet Our Administration

Brandi James

Executive Director Summit West Independent School


Brad Masterson

Principal Summit West Independent School


Tracey Forrester

Chief Operating Officer Summit West Independent School


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