Elementary Options Program


Monday Memo

March 18

Finally, some sunshine! Spring Fever is in the air, so please continue to work throughout the week before taking a break. Spring Break officially starts next Monday, March 25th! School will resume on Monday, April 1st.

Please remember that this week we have some enrichment schedule changes @ Eagle Creek. Tuesday's EOP enrichment will run as usual with the Musical Showcase being incorporated as part of the morning. However, this Thursday, March 21st - there will be NO enrichments for EOP due to the Talent Show and S.T.E.A.M. Fair. Parents must be in attendance with kids that will be attending the Talent Show. Check below for event details and times. Art work from students who attend Eagle Creek enrichments will also be displayed and ready to be collected in Room 4 - please don't forget to stop by and check out that room! If you plan on attending this event on Thursday, please make sure there is an adult with your student.

****Please note online enrichments for 2-5 are canceled for 3/18

Spring Pictures-

Final reminder to SIGN UP for Spring pictures this Thursday! You will need to head to the EOP wing and look for the room that Mrs. Nerpel is in to take these pictures.

Please note if you have multiple students to sign up, please sign up one, and then add the others in the "comment" section.

Link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c4daaab23a3f94-spring

SBAC Testing

Lyn Woodruff is continuing to email families with students 3rd grade + regarding SBAC testing. Please respond to her email - either sign up your student(s) for some testing sessions or complete and sign an Opt-Out form. SBAC Testing . We also have printed Opt-Out copies for you to sign at Tigard and Eagle Creek.

New Clever Links


If you log into Clever you will notice a new item titled Mr. Schellinkhout's Links. Mr. Shellinkhout's added some new items here for you to look at and consider using. For right now there are two items. XtraMath and Prodigy.

XtraMath is a tool focused on kids mastering math facts. It's been around for awhile and has a proven track record for kids who use it. Clever automatically signed up kids for XtraMath so all you need to do click on that app.

Prodigy is a math program that deals with facts but also other math concepts. I've heard from many parents this year that they are using it and love it. I have my kids doing it as some extra practice and they cannot get enough of it. Prodigy you need to sign up for. I created classes for 1st-5th grades(there is no kinder option). Follow this link https://play.prodigygame.com/. Click New Student and follow these class codes based on grade. After you have registered you can follow the link in clever.

1st- 102301

2nd- 65DC48

3rd- 04DB8 That is a zero not the letter O

4th- 09FC7E Same here. Zero not the letter O

5th- 60DE0C - yes still zero

Donation Request

Ms. McCarthy' and Ms. Noelle's science classes have a hands on projects coming up. If you would be willing to donate an item, please bring it in to either location for enrichments. Thank you!!

  • paper bags
  • cinnamon hots candy (1 box)
  • corn syrup (1 small bottle)
  • felt (enough for about 30 kids to trace their hands on, can be squares of felt from Michaels or one roll)
  • stockings and socks (3-4)
  • straws
  • paper plates
  • paper bags
  • clothes pins
  • plastic caps from milk, juice or other bottles
  • meter or yard sticks


Please remember to complete the Parent report this week.

Have a great day!

Old News

SLC Talent Show & Fair

5th Graders Going on to 6th

Check out the link for current 5th grade students thinking about joining us in 6th grade as an EOP student: : EOP Middle School

Curriculum Orders

Please do not contact Rainbow Resource for tracking information. Since we have a special ordering and shipping process with them they will not be able to give you any information. It will only create confusion. Thank you!

Local Family Events

For those interested in activities throughout the week to do with your family, here is a great site that has tons of events to choose from daily. This was a great find by one of our Summit parents. https://www.pdxparent.com/events-calendar/

Instructional Time

We have had a lot of families ask for guidance on how much time should be spent on each subject for instruction. We recommend the following general guidelines. We also recommend more of a focus on direct reading instruction in the primary grades with a shift to content reading in the subject areas as students progress.

Language Arts: 90 minutes minimum. Silent reading can be included in this time. Writing should be 30-45 minutes of this time.

Math: 60-75 minutes per day.

If a student is below grade level in either area these minutes should be increased.

Science/Social Studies: 30-60 minutes per day each

Integration of subjects is key in order to meet these time suggestions. When we are reading or writing about social studies, science and even math texts. That is all practical use of language arts. When we are computing formulas and measuring in science that is also practical use of math. Please take this into consideration when filling out parent reports.

Typing Club: We often have parents ask about good typing programs. TypingClub is a great one. You will now find a link on our Clever Portal to TypingClub. Join one of two ways.

1. Click that link and then click log in with google, you can join the SLC EOP TypingClub page with free lessons. Join with class code 4V7W3WH.

2. Click sign in with clever. If you have any trouble, please email Mr.Schellinkhout dschellinkhout@summitlc.org

We are now accepting book orders from Scholastic Book Clubs!

Just go to https://clubs.scholastic.com/.

Create an account using the classroom code FMNP8.

Orders will be submitted on the 15th of every month.

If you have any questions, just send an email to Jill Mitsch @ jmitsch@summitlc.org.

Facebook Group

Looking to connect to other families via Facebook? Here is our link! You will need to be approved as this is a closed group only to SLC families.