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NEWtrition Curriculum

Why We Should Rethink the Way Nutrition is Taught in Schools

By Maddie Gerber, Eleanor Mackey, and Nicola Lynch-Collier

The generational disconnect between students and teachers makes it even more important that we all engage in honest conversations about the nutrition curriculum. Many of our classmates, including ourselves, genuinely felt uncomfortable and upset by some of the things we read, and we would be remiss if we simply didn’t address it.

Rockets Reach New Heights... On TikTok

by Nicole Allen, Maddie Gerber, and Emma Curry

As the icon Hannah Montana once said, having the “best of both worlds” is not always a walk in the park. Eight students at Needham High know this better than the average Rocket, having gotten a taste of fame through their popularity on TikTok.

Why Binge Watching Will Die

by Nick George

The issue with dropping popular shows all at once is that it robs people – particularly on social media – of the possibility for discussion and speculation when all the answers are out there there already. That is the boon of the weekly release schedule: the time between episodes creates more buzz for the studio and more opportunities for discussion within the online community.

Someone You Should Know: Helena Duke

by Alex Goodale

Through a series of crazy events, Helena has recently found herself appearing in numerous news sources, including the Boston Globe, New York Times, Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, and, most notably, the NHS Hilltopper. The reason: she publicly identified her mom, aunt, and uncle via Twitter for being part of a pro-Trump group harassing a black woman in Washington, DC on Tuesday, January 5th, the day before the insurrection at the Capital.

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