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By Ben Fogler

Three pills short. That’s what I found I’d be as I packed my bags for a summer program at the School of The New York Times. I didn’t have enough dexmethylphenidate (a stimulant that helps treat ADHD) doses for the whole course, and I knew I’d need to focus. So then, on which days would I be able to pay attention easily, and on which days would I have to put in double the effort? 

By Molly Krupat

Recently, NHS, along with other schools in surrounding towns, has implemented new, stricter policies for unexcused absences. These policies make it very difficult for students who participate in sports or activities outside of school to miss class when that extra curricular conflicts with the school day. 

Photo courtesy of the New York Times

By Lizzie Idelson

What is the fascination with the New York Times mini crossword? You may have noticed students' screens constantly lit up with white cubes and blue letters, but why has the mini crossword has become such a popular daily activity for Needham High School students?

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