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AAPI Vigil Speeches

By Anika Singh, Renee Tsui, Allie Jiang, and Veronica Hulbert

What we can do is show our support for our community and our peers by using our resources, like our social media platforms to educate and learn, and recognize that racism and hate crimes have been a part of our society long before the beginning of the pandemic. By standing up for our Asian brothers and sisters, we can finally acknowledge the real virus: hate.

How to Volunteer During The Pandemic

by Maddie Gerber

While there has been a slew of controversy recently over Community Service Learning, with many students and parents advocating for a reduction in the 60 hours required for graduation, the administration has made it clear that they intend to uphold these requirements despite the unprecedented year.

Living With a Learning Disability During COVID-19

by Sydney Baker

People do not need to be at their absolute worst to warrant help. At the end of the day, we are all just trying to get through unprecedented times to the best of our ability. Needham High School is playing by ‘survival of the fittest’ rules, and although I am not the ‘fittest’ by that definition, I will fight for my education.

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