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Courtesy of NHS's Yearbook circa 1982

By Sophia D'Amelio and Kathleen Grady

As requested by the student body through the amazing Hilltopper instagram (casual plug: @hilltoppernhs,) Kathleen Grady and I set out to interview Mr. Ayache, one of the most well known teachers in the school. Seriously, if you go to Needham High School and do not know who Mr. Ayache is, what is up with that?

Courtesy of Sophia D'Amelio

By Tommy Langford

“It will all be over by Easter,” “The summer of freedom,” “By this Christmas, it will be a lot better.” These three quotes all have one thing in common: they are failed predictions about when the COVID pandemic will be over.

Courtesy of Order Out of Chaos

By Amelie Zosa and Lily Katz

There was always something special in the air of elementary school playgrounds during the last few weeks of school. What. A. Time. Unfortunately, as we got older, the last weeks of school became a time for work to pile up.

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