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By Ben Fogler

Saturday Night Live has been the pinnacle of sketch comedy on mainstream television for nearly five decades. ... SNL’s legacy of iconic cultural moments, superstars, and beloved recurring characters far surpasses pretty much any other show (of course there are exceptions, but in terms of the sketch comedy genre, SNL reigns supreme). Yet in recent years, the show seems to have fallen off of its pedestal. The sketches seem less exciting and vibrant, the jokes feel forced, and complaints about the surplus of political content abound.

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By Owen Woo

For decades now, the Grammys have been severely flawed, often favoring projects with commercial success and name recognition over more deserving music. The prestigious award show has even been accused of favoring white artists over artists of color. The more notorious of these deliberate blunders of the 2010s being Taylor Swift's 1989 winning album of the year over Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed Black power album To Pimp a Butterfly in 2016, Adele’s 25 winning album of the year of Beyonce’s monumental album Lemonade, and the genre bending Frank Ocean being snubbed for best new artist in favor of the one-hit-wonder band Fun.

Courtesy of the Smithsonian Magazine

By Emma Zhang

Take a look at the Needham High school parking lot. It’s packed. Many students drive themselves to school and back every day. Because of this, it is important to recognize the importance of driving safety. But, it's hard to drive safely when cars are not even built to keep you safe. Men are more likely to get into car accidents, so car companies decided long ago to design cars better suited to men than to women.

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