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Courtesy of Emily Flanagan

By Emily Flanagan

Dear Future Sophomores,

At NHS, if you take accelerated history, it tends to only mean one thing: NHD. National History Day. Those three letters loom ahead of you like a dark cloud on the horizon. But what if I told you that NHD is really not that bad? 

Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

By Hadas Duchin

Ever since the movie’s debut in 1997, Titanic has been a source of controversy and online debate regarding one particular scene. If you have never seen the movie, be warned that spoilers are ahead.

Courtesy of Education Week

By Lily Katz

TW: discussion of suicidal thoughts, mental health crises, and inpatient/outpatient programs

Although mental health has become less stigmatized amongst teenagers in many ways, it remains an incredibly challenging topic to open up about.

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