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Will Needham Schools Close? Other Schools Might Tell Us the Answer

by Eleanor Mackey

While Gutekanst is not known following nearby schools, these districts' choices on when to close and what schools to close gives an interesting insight into what might happen in Needham.

Standards Based Grading in Chemistry: Fundamentally Flawed?

By Alex Goodale

Students have found that this system does not reward students’ effort, leads to an unhealthy environment of perfectionism, prevents learning, and does not make sense given the stress of the pandemic and the flipped classroom model.

What it's like to Quarantine From Needham High School

by Nicole Allen

Quarantine, both as a positive individual or a contract-trace, left these five students, and many others, feeling a bit isolated, confused, and frustrated. With the social and emotional impacts of quarantining on students, it’s important for the school district to consider how students are affected as they continue to contract-trace the virus.

Remote Students Against TECCA

by Jeremy Gold

Many questioned whether or not TECCA be a sufficient alternative to a typical Needham High School course. The short answer is no.

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