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The Lost Years: COVID-19 and High School Students

By Rachel Talcoff

In March of 2020, Needham High students were told they would receive a two-week hiatus from demanding assignments and difficult exams due to concerns regarding COVID-19. The hiatus turned into a year and a half of nontraditional learning, leaving the nation with a set of peculiar students.

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Live Laugh Love Supplemental Essays: The 10 Top Tips for College Admissions

By Talia Bloom

College admissions? Writing supplemental essays in the back of class? Needing to decide the next four years of our life at age 17? Really ideal situation most of us seniors are finding ourselves in. But honestly, the process is wayyy overhyped. It’s actually not that hard! As a senior who is really on top of things (I totally know where I want to apply and have started apps), I thought I would impart the Hilltopper’s wisdom for current and future seniors!

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The Case Against One-way Stairwells

By Kate Amsden

You’re running late. Whatever the reason, you run into the building with just minutes to spare. You are about to turn into the stairwell to go up to the 700s when you see a big sign on the wall that says “One way”. Now you realize that you have to walk all the way down the hall, go up a different staircase, only to walk right back to where the other staircase would have let you out. And now you’re late.

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‌The‌ ‌Case‌ ‌for‌ ‌One-ways‌ ‌

By Santiago Galan

Finally, after a year and a half of restrictions, Needham High is (mostly) back to normal. While overwhelmingly a good thing, this return to normalcy has brought back one unforgettable issue: congestion. For those of us here prior to COVID, the mad rush that occurs whenever a class ends is a familiar sight. A soultion? One-way staircases.

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I Was Wrong

By Alex Goodale

When the school announced we would be switching to full in-person learning last spring, I believed the last six weeks of school were going to be miserable. Looking back, I realize my pessimistic attitude on the matter clouded my judgment, and I was unable to imagine that I would enjoy being back in school with everyone. And I was wrong (ish).

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