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@NHS_StudentSection and Sexism in Needham High Sports

By Evie Lockwood Mullaney

On the surface, the account seems to offer fairly equal representation for both boys and girls sports. However, with a closer look, it can be seen that posts for girls’ sports are only 5 of the 92 posts, with the rest updating the student body on boys’ sports.

Courtesy of Green Needham

Needham Solar Canopy Project

By Christine Mittaz

With the climate crisis becoming increasingly more concerning, schools in the surrounding towns have found creative ways to implement more sustainable systems. One common proposal is a solar canopy.

NHS Prom Movement

By Dillon Coone

The administration has decided that only Needham High seniors can attend Prom. That means no juniors or underclassmen from NHS, and no students from other schools. Of course, many students are upset about this choice, and some have advocated to change it.

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