Common sense tips for digital-age parents | How do you know what boundaries to set on your child's computer use? The author James Steyer answers questions about social media, online gaming, and general computer use. | Click Here

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Summer Reading List Levels H-K | This expanded list for reading levels H-K is for older students who want to improve their reading skills over the summer. | View PDF


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Online Safety | View PDF


Internet Safety | Internet Safety

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Khan Academy | Sal Khan's vision was to provide free educational tools that empower children and adults to learn new concepts at their own pace. There are videos, guided practice drills, and in-depth explanations on Khan Academy, all available for free. | Click Here

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Leveled Books for Summer | Help your child improve their reading skills by reading at home! This list can help you select the best book for your child based on his/her reading level. | View PDF


Online Gaming | View PDF


Cybersecurity | View PDF


Content Advisor | View PDF

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Parental Contols | View PDF

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